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101 Dalmatians Disney Trivia

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Pongo - Pongo is the father of fourteen puppies.Who narrates the story?

1961 - The film was Disney's 17th full length animated classic.In what year was One Hundred and One Dalmatians released?

Roger - His last name was Darling.Who owned Pongo?

Rod Taylor - Rod Taylor was born in Australia.Who does the voice of Pongo?

Purdy - Her owner is Anita.What is the name of the mother dog in One Hundred and One Dalmatians?

Cruella - She pays to have the puppies kidnapped.Who is the evil villain in the film One Hundred and One Dalmatians?

To be made into coats - Cruella loves fur coats.Why are the puppies kidnapped?

Cat - Sgt. Tibbs leads the rescue of the puppies.What kind of animal is Sgt. Tibbs?

Jasper - The steering wheel on Cruella's car randomly changes sides throughout the movie.J. Pat O'Malley does the voice of the Colonel and what other character?

Dog - He is part of the team that rescues the puppies.What kind of animal is the colonel?

Soot - The dogs roll in the fireplace.What do the dog use to turn black?

Horace - Horace and his brother Jasper Badun are the two kidnappers.Who kidnaps the puppies?

Hell Hall - It is the old De Ville Estate.Where are the puppies held?

The Twilight Bark - The dogs all talk using this system.How are the puppies found?

The park - They are both out walking their dogs.Where do Pongo and Purdy's owners meet?

Song writer - He writes a song about Cruella.What does Pongo's owner do for a living?

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