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2013 Pop Music Quiz

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Catch My Breath - She was the winner of the first American Idol.Released on her Greatest Hits - Chapter One album, what song became a hit for Kelly Clarkson?

       a. Beauty and a Beat
       b. Catch My Breath
       c. I knew you were trouble
       d. Before your love

Suit and tie - 'Suit and tie' was recorded by Justin Timberlake for his third studio album The 20/20 Experience (2013).Which of the following can be associated with Justin Timberlake?

       a. Wine and cheese
       b. Suit and tie
       c. Pants and shirt
       d. Salt and pepper

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno - Lady Antebellum performed 'Need You Now' at Jay's.In January of 2013, Lady Antebellum performed their song "Downtown" on a popular talk show. Which talk show?

       a. Jimmy Kimmel Live
       b. Conan
       c. The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
       d. Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

66 - The next Bowie's album is to be titled 'The Next Day'.David Bowie is back in business. His new studio album will premiere in 2013. How old is David?

       a. 66
       b. 62
       c. 70
       d. 58

Destiny's Child - The group consists of Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.Released on January 29, 2013, who redorded the new pop single "Nuclear“?

       a. Kelly Clarkson
       b. Bruno Mars
       c. Destiny's Child
       d. Pibull

Unorthodox Jukebox - This is only the second studio album by Bruno.The song "Locked Out in Heaven" by Bruno Mars is from which album?

       a. Unorthodox Jukebox
       b. Red
       c. Wild Ones
       d. Doo-Wops and Hooligans

Mortal - Kris' music career is as impressive as his film career.Kris Kristofferson released a new album in 2013 titled "Feeling..."?

       a. Dizzy
       b. Mortal
       c. Blue
       d. Crazy

Tina Turner - Turner had to turn in her US passport.Which famous pop singer recently changed her citizenship to Swiss?

       a. Kesha
       b. Tina Turner
       c. Rihanna
       d. Ellie Goulding

Linda Perry - Perry is also a music producer. She worked with Gwen Stefani, Pink, and Courtney Love.Performed by Christina Aguilera, Who wrote the song "Beautiful"?

       a. Linda Perry
       b. Johan Aberg
       c. Paul Rein
       d. Shelly Peiken

Petula Clark - Petula Clark began her career with the BBC radio during World War II.Now 80 years of age, she started performing over 4 decades ago. One of her best known songs is "Downtown", and she's back in 2013 with her single "Cut Copy Me“. Who is she?

       a. Petula Clark
       b. Barbara Streisand
       c. Tina Turner
       d. Susan Boyle

Taylor Swift - The song comes from her album titled 'Red'.Who sings "I knew you were trouble"?

       a. Taylor Swift
       b. Bridgit Mendler
       c. Olly Murs
       d. One Direction

John Martin - Swedish House Mafia is a trio, originating from Stockholm."Don't you worry child" is performed by Swedish House Mafia, together with...?

       a. Maroon 5
       b. John Martin
       c. Pitbull
       d. Ludacris

Paul Epworth - The music video for 'Diamonds' was shot by Anthony Mandler.Which of the following people did NOT contribute to writing the song "Diamonds“, sung by Rihanna?

       a. Sia Furler
       b. Benjamin Levin
       c. Paul Epworth
       d. Tor Erik Hermansen

5 - So far, all of Bieber's studio albums have reached the platinum status in the US and Canada.If Bieber's "Believe Acoustic" reaches no. 1 on the Billboard 200, how many no. 1 records will he have (January 2013)?

       a. 1
       b. 2
       c. 5
       d. 4

Beyonce - Beyonce performed the song 'At Last'.Who sang the national anthem of USA during Obama's inauguration?

       a. Beyonce
       b. Rihanna
       c. Madonna
       d. Adele

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