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A Charlie Brown Christmas Quiz

Christmas Trivia Questions - Printable Trivia

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Charles M. Schultz - Charles M. Schultz passed away in 2000.Who wrote a Charlie Brown Christmas?

       a. Mike Judge
       b. Charles M. Schultz
       c. Matt Groening
       d. Walt Disney

1965 - Charlie Brown is trying to find the meaning of Christmas.When was A Charlie Brown Christmas released?

       a. 1965
       b. 1971
       c. 1977
       d. 1982

The pond - They are going skating.At the beginning the "A Charlie Brown Christmas" movie, where are Charlie Brown and Linus going?

       a. The ski hill
       b. The pond
       c. Shopping
       d. Church

Violet - Violet is reading a Christmas card.Who does Charlie Brown meet after going to his mailbox in A Charlie Brown Christmas?

       a. Sally
       b. Lucy
       c. Violet
       d. Schroder

Crack the whip - Snoopy pulls both the boys around on the ice. What game do the children play on the ice at the beginning of the movie A Charlie Brown Christmas?

       a. Ringette
       b. Hockey
       c. Crack the whip
       d. Broom Ball

A Snow man - Charlie Brown cannot believe that he can make a dirt snowman.What is Pig Pen making in the snow?

       a. An angel
       b. A Snow man
       c. A fort
       d. A skating rink

January - Lucy's full name is Lucy van PeltIn which month does Lucy start to eat snowflakes?

       a. January
       b. December
       c. November
       d. February

A nickel - She tells Charlie Brown how much she loves the sound of nickels.How much is Lucy charging for her psychiatric help?

       a. A dime
       b. A quarter
       c. A nickel
       d. A dollar

Everything - Lucy calls this condition pantaphobia.What does Charlie Brown think he is afraid of?

       a. Cats
       b. Everything
       c. Stairs
       d. The Ocean

Director - Lucy thinks that this will help Charlie Brown to get involved.What position does Charlie Brown get in the Christmas play?

       a. Director
       b. Santa Claus
       c. Producer
       d. An Elf

Real estate - She claims that she only gets toys.What does Lucy want for Christmas?

       a. Real estate
       b. A car
       c. A new booth
       d. A dress

Sally - Sally wants cash for Christmas.Who does Charlie Brown help with their letter to Santa?

       a. Pig Pen
       b. Sally
       c. Linus
       d. Lucy

Dog - Snoopy is expected to play all of the animals in the production.Which animal of these animals is not on the list played by Snoopy during the Christmas play?

       a. Penguin
       b. Dog
       c. Cow
       d. Sheep

Frieda - Frieda has red hair.What is the name of the girl with the naturally curly hair?

       a. Frieda
       b. Violet
       c. Gloria
       d. Peppermint Patti

Guitar - They play a duet during rehearsal.What instrument does Snoopy use to accompany Schroder?

       a. Harp
       b. Guitar
       c. Drums
       d. Trumpet

Linus - They select the saddest tree on the lot.Who goes with Charlie Brown to get the Christmas tree?

       a. Linus
       b. Sally
       c. Lucy
       d. Schroder

Beethoven - He always plays Beethoven.What kind of Christmas music does Schroder play?

       a. Bach
       b. Beethoven
       c. Mozart
       d. Chopin

Jingle Bells - Schroder plays the song on his piano.What song does Lucy ask Schroeder to play?

       a. Away in a Manger
       b. Silent Night
       c. Jingle Bells
       d. Winter Wonderland

Linus - Linus tells the actual Christmas story.Which character explains what Christmas is all about?

       a. Lucy
       b. Linus
       c. Sally
       d. Sherman

Red - The ball tips the top of the tree over.What color is the Christmas ball that Charlie hangs on the tree?

       a. Silver
       b. Red
       c. Blue
       d. Gold

Snoopy - He decorates his doghouse.Who wins first prize for decorating?

       a. Snoopy
       b. Marci
       c. Lucy
       d. Pig Pen

Woodstock - Woodstock is Snoopy's best friend.Which character does not appear in a Charlie Brown Christmas?

       a. Snoopy
       b. Woodstock
       c. Linus
       d. Sally

Hark the Herald Angels Sing - This song is played during the end credits.What carol does the gang sing around the tree at the end of the movie?

       a. Hark the Herald Angels Sing
       b. O' Christmas Tee
       c. Silent Night
       d. Here Comes Santa Claus

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