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Jay Silverheels - He was the Lone Ranger's sidekickWho played 'Tonto' in the tv show 'The Lone Ranger'?

John Larroquette - It was his first 'acting' creditWho was the narrator for the 1974 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'?

Natasha Richardson - She is the daughter of Vanessa Redgrave.Who plays the mother in the 1998 'The Parent Trap'?

Audrey Hepburn - To prepare for the role she attended a school for the blind.Who played the terrorized woman in the 1967 'Wait Until Dark'?

Zero Mostel - Gene Wilder was Leo Bloom.Who played Max Bailystock in the movie 'The Producers'

Meatloaf - He got his acting start in a road production of 'Hair'What singer had his movie debut in 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'?

Sing do wa ditty - As told by a freeway signIn 'L.A. Story' what is the meaning of life?

Betty - Played on broadway by Rosie O'DonnellWhat is Rizzo's first name in 'Grease'?

Frances Smith - The Wife of Roy Rogers'The Queen of the West' Dale Evan's real name is?

The evil Mr. Rogers - Simon Pheonix was played by Wesley Snipes.In 'Demolition Man' what does Simon call the villian who revived him?

Pee Wee Herman - He had one line.Who played a waiter in 'The Blues Brothers'?

Clair Danes - Possibly the future Mrs. John Conner.Who was the female love interest in the third Terminator movie?

David Prowse - James Earl Jones did the voice.In the 'Star Wars' movies, this was the actor in the darth vader suit:

John Candy - He did 4 voices, including 'Den'.Who did a voice in the 1981 'Heavy Metal' movie?

Dan Ackroyd - About a Japanese attack on west coast U.S.Who was a tank commander in the movie '1941'?

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