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African Animals Trivia Quiz

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Leopard - Jaguars and cheetahs also have rosettes.Which of these large cats has "rosettes"?

a. Leopard
b. Cougar
c. Tiger
d. Lion

South Africa - The African penguin is also referred to as the black-footed penguin.In which of these African countries would you find the African penguin?

a. Ethiopia
b. Kenya
c. Libya
d. South Africa

Clan - A parliament is a group of owls.What is the correct term for a pack of hyenas?

a. Parliament
b. Pride
c. Clan
d. Brood

A vulture - This bird is also called an Egyptian vulture.What is a pharaoh's chicken?

a. A snake
b. A tortoise
c. A camel
d. A vulture

3 - White rhinos are grazers that live on the savannah.How many toes does a white rhino have?

a. 6
b. 3
c. 5
d. 2

Aders' Duiker - There are less than 1,400 of these animals left in the wild.Which of these animals is only found in Zanzibar and Kenya?

a. Aders' Duiker
b. Leopard
c. Lion
d. Zebra

A pigeon - This bird is the result of selective breeding.The African owl is not a true owl. What is it?

a. A duck
b. A swallow
c. A pigeon
d. A parrot

40 mph - A cheetah's maximum speed is about 70 mph. However, they can only maintain this speed for short bursts. Cheetahs do not always run at top speed. What is the normal speed of a chase?

a. 40 mph
b. 25mph
c. 15 mph
d. 65 mph

Black Rhinoceros - Poachers kill these animals to take their horns, which are made into medicines in China.The horn of which of these animals are removed in Zimbabwe in order to protect them?

a. Gnu
b. Gazelle
c. Black Rhinoceros
d. Elephant

The rhino - Rhinos can weigh up to 2000 pounds.After the elephant, which animal is the largest land mammal?

a. The hippo
b. The ape
c. The rhino
d. The water buffalo

Giraffe - This tree is also known as the thorn tree.Which of these animals feeds of the African acacia tree?

a. Giraffe
b. Vulture
c. Hippo
d. Lion

Springbok - In their attempt to lower the huge population of these animals, governments went too far and almost wiped them completely out. Which of these animals was almost rendered extinct due to "thinning" efforts of governments?

a. Springbok
b. Zebra
c. Gnu
d. Auk

Hippo - Hippos will kill crocodiles if they feel threatened.Which creature has the ability to bite an adult crocodile in half?

a. Hippo
b. Lion
c. Tiger
d. Rhino

Leprosy - The armadillo has been used to study the disease because they can catch it very easily, due to their low body temperature.What human disease can armadillos get?

a. Leprosy
b. Scarlett Fever
c. Chicken Pox

Mongoose - Hyenas are hunters.Which of these creatures is closely related to the hyena?

a. Mongoose
b. Ferret
c. Wolf
d. Cat

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