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Orange - Grand Marnier can be mixed with other liqueurs or it can be consumed alone. If served alone, it should be served in a brandy snifter. What flavor is Grand Marnier?

Amaretto - Amaretto is made from almond pits and/or apricots. This beverage can be used in many recipes including those for chicken.Which of the following liqueurs is almond flavored - Amaretto, Drambuie or Ouzo?

Lakka - Lakka is made in Finland. Lakka translates to mean cloudberry. This fruit is similar to a raspberry.There are countless kinds of coffee liqueurs, which of these is not a coffee liqueur - Tia Maria, Kamora or Lakka?

Vodka - This cocktail started in Ohio. Doug Schuster is credited with creating this drink.A Fuzzy Naval is Peach schnapps and orange juice. What do you add to make it a Hairy Naval?

Chartreuse - This liqueur is made from 130 herbal extracts and distilled alcohol. The name reflects the color of the liquid, which is halfway between green and yellow.Which liqueur has the Carthusian Monks been making since 1740?

Drambuie - Drambuie is scotch and heather honey. One of the most popular cocktails made from this liqueur is a Rusty Nail.Honey is often used to sweeten alcoholic beverages. Which of these is made using honey - Drambuie, Pernot or Cointreau?

Greyhound - A Greyhound is made using vodka and grapefruit juice. If you salt the rim, you get a Salty Dog.Which breed of dog has its own cocktail?

Gin - In 1650, a Dutch doctor was attempting to produce a medicine. English soldiers who took this discovered its calming effects before battle. This phrase now refers to any courage gained by drinking. What is Dutch courage?

Rum and water - To make the rum stores last longer, they were diluted with water.Sailors were known to drink Grog. What is Grog?

Green - This liqueur traditionally comes from Japan.What color is Midori?

No ice - You can also say it is straight up. Many bartending terms differ between nations and bars, as do ingredients.What does it mean if a cocktail is served "neat"?

Tia Maria - Kalhua is a coffee flavored liqueur. Paralysers can also be made with rum or tequila in place of vodka.It you were making a Paralyser you would need vodka, Kalhua, milk and coke. If you did not have Kalhua, what could you use as a substitute?

A tall tumbler - A tall tumbler is a straight glass with a flat bottom. Many people like to have a salted or spiced rim.Many liqueurs or cocktails should be served in a particular kind of glass. If you were making a Caesar, what kind of glass would you use?

Daiquiris - Daiquiris are traditionally lime, but they now come in a variety of flavors. However, even a strawberry daiquiri uses lime juice with strawberry. Fresh berries are the best.Which of these drinks is made using a lime juice base - Blue Hawaii, Black Velvet or Daiquiris?

Martini - To make a great martini you have to pour the gin into a glass with ice and then strain the contents into a martini glass. A martini should be chilled, but there is no ice in the drink when it is served.Which drink is normally strained - Martini, Tom Collins or Sling?

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