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Artist Song Matchup 1990-1999

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Aerosmith - Released in 1998.I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

a. Aerosmith
b. Led Zeppelin
c. Bryan Adams
d. Barenaked Ladies

Sinead O'Connor - Released in 1990.Nothing Compares 2 U

a. Sinead O'Connor
b. Silk
c. Savage Garden
d. Karyn White

Jon Bon Jovi - Released in 1990.Blaze Of Glory

a. Bryan Adams
b. Aerosmith
c. Toni Braxton
d. Jon Bon Jovi

Roxette - Released in 1991.Joyride

a. UB40
b. Mariah Carey
c. R. Kelly
d. Roxette

Bryan Adams - Released in 1991.(Everything I Do) I Do It For You

a. Montell Jordan
b. Sting
c. Rod Stewart
d. Bryan Adams

Michael Jackson - Released in 1991.Black Or White

a. Color Me Badd
b. Janet Jackson
c. Sting
d. Michael Jackson

Whitney Houston - Released in 1992. Originally written and recorded by Dolly Parton.I Will Always Love You

a. Whitney Houston
b. Amy Grant
c. Mariah Carey
d. Karyn White

Meat Loaf - Released in 1993.I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)

a. Meat Loaf
b. Sweet Sensation
c. Wilson Phillips
d. Londonbeat

Lisa Loeb - Released in 1994.Stay (I Missed You)

a. New Kids on the Block
b. Lisa Loeb
c. Alannah Myles
d. George Michael

Spice Girls - Released in 1997.Wannabe

a. Mariah Carey
b. Madonna
c. Destiny's Child
d. Spice Girls

Britney Spears - Released in 1999.Baby One More Time

a. Lauryn Hill
b. Brandy
c. Monica
d. Britney Spears

Boyz II Men - Released in 1997.4 Seasons of Loneliness

a. New Kids on the Block
b. Blackstreet
c. Michael Bolton
d. Boyz II Men

Seal - Released in 1995.Kiss From A Rose

a. Los Del Rio
b. Divine
c. Vanessa Williams
d. Seal

Extreme - Released in 1991.More Than Words

a. Extreme
b. C+C Music Factory
c. George Michael
d. Sweet Sensation

Janet Jackson - Released in 1991.Love Will Never Do (Without You)

a. Janet Jackson
b. Gloria Estefan
c. Paula Abdul
d. Mariah Carey

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