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3 - God blessed Job with seven sons and three daughters.How many daughters did Job have after his trials?

a. 3
b. 7
c. 9
d. 0

Herod - Herod gave this order after learning of the baby Jesus. Which King ordered that all of the boy children under the age of two be executed?

a. George
b. Solomon
c. Herod
d. David

Abraham - Abraham was married to Sarah.Whose name translates to mean "father of a multitude"?

a. Cain
b. Abraham
c. Able
d. Isaiah

Mary Magdalene - The Catholic Church considers Mary a Saint.Which of these biblical persons is often credited with being the first person to see Jesus after his resurrection?

a. Mary Magdalene
b. John
c. Mark
d. Judas

To rebuild the walls - Nehemiah rebuilt the walls in fifty-two days.Why did Nehemiah wish to go to Jerusalem?

a. To find his lost son
b. To rebuild the walls
c. To see The Christ child
d. To escape persecution

Jochebed - Jochebed placed her son in a basket and placed him in the river.What was the name of Moses' Hebrew mother?

a. Miriam
b. Ruth
c. Sarah
d. Jochebed

Abram - Lot chose to go to the plain of Jordan.Whose herdsmen fought with Lot's herdsmen?

a. Isaac
b. Mark
c. Simon
d. Abram

Amittai - God told Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh.Who was Jonah's father?

a. Amittai
b. Saul
c. Elijah
d. Malachi

Samson - He used the foxes to burn the crops. Which biblical figure caught three hundred foxes?

a. John
b. Luke
c. Mathew
d. Samson

A Philistine - Goliath was noted for his fight with the young David.What was Goliath according to the Bible?

a. A Hebrew
b. An Israelite
c. A Philistine
d. An Egyptian

Genesis - Genesis is the first book in the Bible.If you wanted to read the story of Noah, where in the bible would you look?

a. Genesis
b. Chronicles
c. Hebrews
d. Esther

Boaz - Boaz and Ruth had a son named Obed.Who married Ruth?

a. Boaz
b. Saul
c. Luke
d. David

180 days - King Xerxes appears in the book of Esther. How long was the feast which King Xerxes held?

a. 100 days
b. Forty days
c. 180 days
d. Sixty days

Aaron's - The Ark was also said to hold a jar on manna.Whose rod was said to be in The Ark of the Covenant?

a. Joseph's
b. Mathew's
c. Aaron's
d. Jacob's

Job - Job also had seven sons.Whose daughters were Jemima (Jemimah), Keziah and Kerenhappuch?

a. Job
b. Cain
c. Moses
d. Noah

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