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Canadian Trivia Questions III

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John Diefenbaker - Diefenbaker was the 13th Prime Minister of Canada, serving from June 1957 to April 1963.Meant to house Canadian bureaucrats fleeing nuclear war, the bunker in Carp, Ontario, was named for which PM?

       a. Louis St Laurent
       b. John Diefenbaker
       c. Lester Pearson
       d. WLM King

Churchill - Churchill is situated along Manitoba's 870-mile coastline on the Hudson Bay.What Manitoba community calls itself the Polar Bear Capital of the World?

       a. Churchill
       b. Frobisher Bay
       c. Portage la Prairie
       d. Fort McMurray

A Mountie - Since 2000, the Royal Canadian Mint has been issuing colourized quarters on Canada Day.What Canadian icon was on the back of the 1973 quarter?

       a. A maple leaf
       b. A beaver
       c. A Mountie
       d. A Mohawk in a canoe

St Pierre and Miquelon - St Pierre and Miquelon is the only vestige of the former colonial empire of New France that remains under France's control.The US is the closest place in the world to Canada, being right on its border. But which of these places is #2?

       a. Russia
       b. Greenland
       c. St Pierre and Miquelon
       d. Iceland

Peter Gzowski - Gzowski died of emphysema on 24 January 2002 at the age of 67.Later a radio broadcaster known as Mr Canada, who was once the youngest ever managing editor in the history of Maclean's?

       a. Peter Gzowski
       b. Gordon Sinclair
       c. Pierre Burton
       d. Barbara Frum

Red Chamber - The Red Chamber is located in the eastern wing of the Centre Block of Parliament Hill.What is the colorful nickname of Canada's Senate?

       a. White Chamber
       b. Red Chamber
       c. Green Chamber
       d. Yellow Chamber

Lloyd Robertson - Lloyd Robertson is currently the co-host of CTV's W5 (2012).Who was an anchor on both the CBC National and the CTV Evening News?

       a. Lloyd Robertson
       b. Peter Mansbridge
       c. Pamela Wallin
       d. Harvey Kirck

Kelowna - Kelowna is located on Okanagan Lake in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia.What city's name is an Okanagan word for "grizzly bear"?

       a. Toronto
       b. Kelowna
       c. Iqaluit
       d. Saskatchewan

204 - Many well-known music artists come from Manitoba including Neil Young, Terry Jacks, Tom Cochrane and Bif Naked. Manitobans will know this. Numerically speaking, what is the lowest valued area code in Canada?

       a. 202
       b. 204
       c. 203
       d. 201

1957 - Much like the United States, traditions such as parades and football are a part of Canadian Thanksgiving.When did Canada's parliament permanently fix the second Monday in October as "a day of general Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed"?

       a. 1907
       b. 1957
       c. 1857
       d. 1807

7817 - William had very few personal friends and he never married. William Lyon Mackenzie King held office longer than any other Commonwealth prime minister. How many days was he in office?

       a. 7817
       b. 5817
       c. 3817
       d. 1817

Queen Victoria's husband - Prince Albert is situated on the North Saskatchewan River, and is the 3rd largest city in Saskatchewan.Who was the Prince Albert for whom the Saskatchewan city is named?

       a. Queen Victoria's husband
       b. Queen Elizabeth's father
       c. Edward VIII's brother
       d. George's IV's cousin

Saskatoon - Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan with a population of approximately 225,000.What Saskatchewan city was named for a purple berry?

       a. Saskatoon
       b. Prince Albert
       c. Moose Jaw
       d. Red Deer

John Turner - Turner was Canada's Prime Minister for just 79 days.When this future Canadian PM dated Princess Margaret in 1959, some British Anglicans attacked her relationship with a Catholic. Who was Margaret's Canuck paramour?

       a. Brian Mulroney
       b. John Turner
       c. Pierre Trudeau
       d. Paul Martin

Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia is the most populous province of the four Atlantic Provinces.Eighteen of which province's first 19 members of Parliament were separatists?

       a. Newfoundland
       b. Quebec
       c. Nova Scotia
       d. Manitoba

Toronto - Toronto is not only the provincial capital of Ontario, but also the largest city in Canada with a population of over 2.6 million.Around 1900, what Canadian city was known as "Methodist Rome"?

       a. Toronto
       b. Edmonton
       c. Calgary
       d. Winnipeg

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