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Candy Trivia Quiz III

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Skittles - Skittles hit the shelves in 1974.What kind of candy wants you to "Taste the Rainbow"?

       a. Starburst
       b. Life Savers
       c. Skittles
       d. Mojos

Sour patch kids - Sour Patch Kids are a soft candy with a coating of sour sugar.What candy features the flavours watermelon, blue raspberry extreme and xploderz?

       a. Sour patch kids
       b. Starburst
       c. Skittles
       d. Pez

Hershey - Twizzlers are actually made by the Y and S Candy Company, which is owned by Hershey.What candy manufacturer makes Twizzlers?

       a. Nestle
       b. Hershey
       c. Mars
       d. Cadbury

Crispy Crunch - This chocolate bar is one of Canada's best selling. Which of these chocolate bars is not available in the United States?

       a. Jersey milk
       b. Mars
       c. Crispy Crunch
       d. Snickers

Austria - The first flavour of Pez was peppermint.Which country does Pez originate from?

       a. Germany
       b. America
       c. Austria
       d. France

Life Savers - Life Savers were invented in 1912.What candy was created "as a summer candy"?

       a. M and Ms
       b. Life Savers
       c. Candy Corns
       d. Rockets

Smarties - In Canada, Smarties are candy coated chocolate.Called Rockets in Canada, what are they called in the United States?

       a. Starburst
       b. Smarties
       c. Skittles
       d. Pez

Tootsie Rolls - The creator, Leo Hirschfeld, named the candy after the nickname of his daughter, Clara Which candy was invented in 1896?

       a. Tootsie Rolls
       b. Rockets
       c. Candy corns
       d. Starbursts

Cinnamon - Jolly Rancher has a flavour called Fire Cinnamon. What is the only non fruit flavour of Jolly Rancher candy?

       a. Spearmint
       b. Cinnamon
       c. Peppermint
       d. Liquorice

5 - The spokes candies are green, blue, yellow, orange and red.As of 1996, how many spokes candy do M and Ms have?

       a. 3
       b. 5
       c. 2
       d. 7

Jelly Beans - Jelly Beans have been around for over two hundred years.Which candy used to list bee's wax as one of the ingredients?

       a. Nibs
       b. Jelly Beans
       c. Smarties
       d. Jaw Breakers

Starburst - They use gelatine, which does not contain animal products.Which candy states on its UK packaging that it is suitable for vegetarians?

       a. Jelly Beans
       b. Starburst
       c. Skittles
       d. Jolly Rancher

Gobstoppers - The candy was proven to explode on the show Mythbusters.What candy caused lawsuits when the candy exploded in children's mouths?

       a. Gobstoppers
       b. Malt Balls
       c. Fizz Bombs
       d. Rockets

1200 feet - This twist weighed over 100 pounds.According to the Guinness Book of World Records, how long was the longest liquorice twist?

       a. 1200 feet
       b. 1500 feet
       c. 500 feet
       d. 700 feet

Octopus - Aqua Life is a candy line of Swedish Fish.Which of these is not a creature found in Aqua Life?

       a. Octopus
       b. Starfish
       c. Puffer fish
       d. Seahorses

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