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De-shelled cocoa beans - The nibs are pureed and mixed with sugar and other ingredients to make a variety of chocolate products.The term "nibs" refers to what in chocolate manufacturing?

a. De-shelled cocoa beans
b. Broken pieces
c. Chunks in chocolate
d. Burned portions

South America - Cacao trees produce seeds, which are the foundation of all chocolate products.Where would find a cacao tree?

a. Africa
b. China
c. The Middle East
d. South America

The Olmecs - The Olmecs were one of the first civilizations in the Americas.Who were the first users of the cacao bean?

a. The Aztecs
b. The Egyptians
c. The Olmecs
d. The Romans

It was an aphrodisiac - Studies show that chocolate creates a chemical reaction in the brain.What did the Aztecs believe about chocolate?

a. It was an aphrodisiac
b. It caused skin diseases
c. It could increase fertility
d. It was poisonous

Christina Edmunds - Christina was purchasing and lacing chocolate creams with strychnine. She then would return them to unknowing vendors.Known as the "Chocolate Cream Poisoner", which criminal was convicted of poisoning chocolate cream?

a. Christina Edmunds
b. Arthur Berkley
c. Mary Churchill
d. Paul Hanson

Louis XIV - Debauve was the first person to hold this prestigious title.Which King created the position, within his court, of "Royal Chocolate Maker to the King"?

a. Ivan the Terrible
b. Catherine the Great
c. Louis XIV
d. Henry the VIII

1657 - This shop was opened on instructions from Charles II.When was the first chocolate house in London opened?

a. 1704
b. 1887
c. 1657
d. 1836

1875 - Milk chocolate was created by mixing condensed milk and Dutch Cocoa.When was milk chocolate invented?

a. 1902
b. 1689
c. 1875
d. 1763

Mayas - The Aztecs also used chocolate as currency.Which ancient culture used chocolate as currency?

a. Chinese
b. Egyptians
c. Romans
d. Mayas

12, 000 pounds - Made by Thornton's PLC, the gigantic bar weighed 12, 770 pounds.Created in October 2011, approximately, how big was the world's largest chocolate bar?

a. 5, 000 pounds
b. 12, 000 pounds
c. 2, 000 pounds
d. 8, 000 pounds

Switzerland - According to a study by the Chocolate Manufacturers Association, people in Switzerland eat about 10.14 kg per person per year.Which country eats the most chocolate per person per year?

a. Switzerland
b. Germany
c. America
d. Iceland

Over 45 feet - Trees, which are grown as crops, are pruned, so they rarely reach 25 feet.On average, how tall does a cocoa tree grow?

a. Over 45 feet
b. Over 30 feet
c. Over 25 feet
d. Over 10 feet

Chocolate press - Houten invented the press in the 19th century.Which of the following items did Coenraad J. Van Houten invent?

a. Chocolate bar
b. Chocolate press
c. Chocolate bunny
d. Chocolate chips

Napoleon - Napoleon also insisted in bringing wine along.Which military commander insisted that chocolate be brought on every military campaign?

a. Custer
b. McArthur
c. Napoleon
d. Nelson

1871 - Milton Hershey opened his first factory when he was only 19.When did Hershey open his first factory?

a. 1871
b. 1804
c. 1772
d. 1717

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