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Trent Reznor - Although Cash's version is a cover, Trent Reznor himself is a big fan of it.Who wrote the original version of the song "Hurt"?

a. Trent Reznor
b. Leona Lewis
c. David Gahan
d. Johnny Cash

Rod Evans - Although there were plans for the reunion of Captain Beyond, the death of the drummer Larry Reinhardt halted them.Which member of Deep Purple has also been the singer for Captain Beyond?

a. Roger Glover
b. Don Airey
c. Rod Evans
d. Ian Paice

Robert Plant - The symbol represents the Egyptian goddess of justice, Ma'at. Plant also states that it's an emblem of a writer.The 1971 Led Zeppelin album, also known as Led Zeppelin IV, features four symbols on the cover. One of them pictures a circle around a feather. Which band member chose this symbol?

a. John Paul Jones
b. Jimmy Page
c. John Bonham
d. Robert Plant

Happy Jack - The original title - A Quick One - was too sexually themed for the US market.What was the title of the second album that The Who released in the United States?

a. In The City
b. Happy Jack
c. The Who Sell Out
d. A Quick One

Frank Zappa - The song tells the story of one unsuccessful concert on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.Which famous musician inspired the Deep Purple song, Smoke On The Water?

a. Phil Lynott
b. David Coverdale
c. Ian Underwood
d. Frank Zappa

The Yardbirds - The Yardbirds featured Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck.Which rock group can be directly associated with Led Zeppelin, The Jeff Beck Group and Derek and the Dominos?

a. Blind Faith
b. Band of Joy
c. The Yardbirds
d. The Kinks

Wheels of Fire - Some say that Cream is the first successful supergroup in history.Which album, by the band Cream, was the first one to go platinum?

a. Goodbye
b. Wheels of Fire
c. Fresh Cream
d. Disraeli Gears

Voodoo Child - The wah-wah effect is also known as the Crybaby effect.Which Jimi Hendrix song was the first one to use the famous wah-wah pedal?

a. All Along the Watchtower
b. Purple Haze
c. The Wind Cries Mary
d. Voodoo Child

Mandolins - Jethro Tull is close to classical music, art rock and folk, but hardly would anyone name them metal performers nowadays.In 1988, Jethro Tull won the Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Vocal or Instrumental, and many people criticised them for not being a metal band. In response to the criticism, Ian Anderson said "Well, we do sometimes play our [...] very loudly." What instruments did he have in mind?

a. Drums
b. Flutes
c. Mandolins
d. Guitars

Jagger's mouth - The logo first appeared in 1971, and has been one of the most recognizable logos of all time.What inspired John Pasche to create the famous "lips and tongue" logo for Rolling Stones?

a. Einstein's gesture
b. A red T-shirt he was wearing
c. Jagger's mouth
d. Chupa-chups lollypops

Deep Purple - The Hall of Fame is situated in Cleveland, but Deep Purple is not situated in the Hall of Fame.Which of the following bands/musicians does NOT belong to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame - Deep Purple, AC/DC or Madonna?

a. Deep Purple
b. AC/DC
c. Black Sabbath
d. Madonna

Ronnie Dio - Ronnie Dio made the 'metal horns' popular.Which famous vocalist performed with Elf, Rainbow, Heaven Hell, as well as with Black Sabbath?

a. Graham Bonnet
b. Ozzy Osborne
c. Nick Pantas
d. Ronnie Dio

The Guess Who - The song was written by Cummings and Bachman in only 10 minutes!Which famous rock band wrote the hit single, Laughing?

a. The Guess Who
b. The Kinks
c. The Yardbirds
d. The Who

Blue jeans - Neil Diamond has sold over 115 million records worldwide.Neil Diamond increased the sales in clothing stores. What was everyone so obsessed with?

a. White shirts
b. Black shoes
c. Undershirts
d. Blue jeans

2112 - Starman became iconic ever since 2112.Which Rush album featured the Starman logo for the first time?

a. 2112
b. Moving Pictures
c. A Farewell To Kings
d. A Caress of Steel

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