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Robin - This character first appeared in 1940.Who fought alongside Batman?

       a. Robin
       b. Superman
       c. Cat Woman
       d. Spiderman

Tennis - It also involves two racquets and is played on a court.Which sport involves a ball and a net?

       a. Badminton
       b. Tennis
       c. Basketball
       d. Soccer

A candlestick - Jumping candlesticks is an old tradition. This game was a way of fortune telling.According to the nursery rhyme Jack Be Nimble, what did Jack jump?

       a. A candlestick
       b. A creek
       c. A hole
       d. A fence

Two - He also wears white gloves.Mickey Mouse wears a pair of black pants. How many buttons are on the pants?

       a. Two
       b. One
       c. Four
       d. Six

Canada - Mexico is to the south.Which country is to the North of the United States?

       a. Jamaica
       b. Canada
       c. Peru
       d. England

Finding Nemo - You would also see Bloat, Squirt and Mr. Ray.In which film would you see the characters Gil, Peach and Bubbles?

       a. Finding Nemo
       b. Pocahontas
       c. Peter Pan
       d. Mulan

Egypt - While in Egypt, you could visit the pyramids and The Valley of the Kings.Where would you go to see the Nile?

       a. Egypt
       b. China
       c. Brazil
       d. Russia

Dalmatian - Dalmatians used to be kept at fire stations.What breed of dog is normally white with black spots?

       a. Great Dane
       b. Dalmatian
       c. Fox Terrier
       d. Collie

George W. Bush - Obama took office in 2009. He is the 44th President of the United States.Who was the President of the United States before Barack Obama?

       a. Jimmy Carter
       b. Bill Clinton
       c. George W. Bush
       d. Richard Nixon

Crayfish - Crayfish look like small lobsters.Which of these creatures lives in a shell?

       a. Seahorse
       b. Starfish
       c. Crayfish
       d. Moray e eel

Peter Pan - Frodo could be found in Middle Earth.If you went to Neverland, whom might you see?

       a. Alice
       b. Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund
       c. Peter Pan
       d. Frodo

Dr. Seuss - Dr. Seuss also wrote The Cat in The Hat and Horton Heard a Who.Who wrote The Lorax?

       a. Robert Munch
       b. Dr. Seuss
       c. E.B. White
       d. R. L. Stein

Pez - Pez candies come from Austria. Their dispensers have become collector's items.Which candy has a dispenser?

       a. Pez
       b. Life Savers
       c. Tootsie Roll
       d. Rollo

Plum pudding - Plum pudding is also known as Christmas pudding.What food is not a traditional part of Thanksgiving?

       a. Turkey
       b. Pumpkin pie
       c. Plum pudding
       d. Sweet potatoes

London - Paris is the capital of France.What is the capital city of England?

       a. London
       b. Paris
       c. Lima
       d. Berlin

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