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Father's Day Trivia Quiz

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Doubt - Galileo was a famous astronomer and mathematician.According to the quote by Galileo, who is the father of invention?

a. Victory
b. Shame
c. Doubt
d. Fear

The third Sunday in June - France, the UK and Greece all celebrate it on this date.When is Father's Day celebrated in North America?

a. The second Sunday in July
b. The first Sunday in May
c. The third Sunday in August
d. The third Sunday in June

The first Sunday in September - Fiji and Papua New Guinea also celebrate it on this date.When do the countries of New Zealand and Australia celebrate Father's Day?

a. The first Sunday in December
b. The third Sunday in August
c. The second Sunday in March
d. The first Sunday in September

Richard Nixon - Nixon signed it into law in 1972. This law made the day a national holiday.In the United States, which President signed Father's Day into law?

a. Woodrow Wilson
b. Calvin Coolidge
c. John F. Kennedy
d. Richard Nixon

Germany - The wagon is often filled with either beer or wine and local food dishes. In which country is doing a hiking tour pulling a wagon (man-powered) a traditional part of Father's Day?

a. Scotland
b. Brazil
c. Japan
d. Germany

Joseph - Saint Joseph's Day is March the nineteenth. In Italy, Father's Day is celebrated on which Saint's Day?

a. Paul
b. Patrick
c. George
d. Joseph

Romania - Romania will celebrate its first official Father's Day in 2012. It will be held on the 13th of May. Up until the year 2012, what was the only state in the European Union not to have an official Father's Day?

a. Poland
b. Romania
c. Ireland
d. Slovakia

Thailand - The current King's birthday is December 5th.Which country celebrates Father's Day on the King's birthday?

a. Monaco
b. Norway
c. England
d. Thailand

Rose - The flower is worn in the lapel.What is generally considered the official Father's Day flower?

a. Rose
b. Gardenia
c. Carnation
d. Sunflower

White - This tradition is generally recognized in North America.If your father is living, you wear a red flower. However, if your father has passed away, what color would you wear?

a. Yellow
b. White
c. Purple
d. Pink

Sonora Dodd - Sonora is frequently referred to as The Mother of Father's Day. Her Dad was a widower who raised six children. In the United States, who is considered the founder of Father's Day?

a. Florence Crosby
b. Sonora Dodd
c. Martha Washington
d. Laura Secord

George Washington - George was the first President of the United States.Who is considered to be The Father of the United States?

a. Thomas Edison
b. Abraham Lincoln
c. Benjamin Franklin
d. George Washington

Thomas Edison - The founding fathers were the men who signed The Declaration of Independence and those that took part in the American Revolutionary War. The Founding Fathers refers to a group of early colonialists. Who is not considered to be a Founding Father?

a. John Adams
b. Thomas Edison
c. Alexander Hamilton
d. Thomas Jefferson

95 million - Christmas and Valentines are the holidays, which sell the most cards.According to some stats, Father's Day now ranks as number four in terms of the number of cards sold and sent. How many cards were sent in 2010?

a. 42 million
b. 1.2 billion
c. 95 million
d. 53 million

A neck tie - If you want to be original, avoid the tie!Which of these items was the most commonly given gift on Father's Day in 2010?

a. A neck tie
b. Chocolate
c. Cologne
d. Sporting Gear

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