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February 2013 Current Events Quiz

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Pope Benedict XVI - At the age of 78, he is the oldest person to have been elected Pope since Pope Clement XII.The first Pope in more than 700 years to resign, who announced they would leave their position on 28 February 2013?

       a. Pope John Paul II
       b. Pope Benedict X
       c. Pope Benedict XVI
       d. Pope John Paul I

Murder - Christopher is suspected of having gunned down five people, three of which were killed.With a $1 million reward on his head, what crime is Christopher Dorner accused of committing?

       a. Kidnapping
       b. Murder
       c. Terrorist Activities
       d. Child Molestation

North Korea - South Korea detected an Despite warnings, what country carried out a third nuclear test on February 12, 2013?

       a. Iran
       b. Algeria
       c. North Korea
       d. Syria

Julian Assange - Julian lashed out at President Obama, who gave the go-ahead to eliminate American citizens abroad using military Unmanned Automatic Vehicles.Who addressed US officials on TV, urging them to disclose to WikiLeaks the secret instructions on how decisions on eliminating American citizens using drones are being carried out?

       a. Julian Assange
       b. Bradley Manning
       c. Jacob Appelbaum
       d. Daniel Domscheit-Berg

China - China's trade in goods in 2012 was $3.87 trillion.As announced on February 11, what country overtook the United States as the world's largest trading country?

       a. Russia
       b. China
       c. Japan
       d. Canada

Azerbaijan - They are upset over his latest 'fiction' novel that describes the volatile Armenian-Azeri relations during the final days of the Soviet Union.What country has offered a "bounty" for one of writer Akram Aylislian's ears?

       a. Jordan
       b. Azerbaijan
       c. Lebanon
       d. Isreal

Venezuela - According to the government, the move was needed to make up for a large budget deficit. What government has devalued its country's currency, the bolivar, by a third?

       a. Venezuela
       b. Peru
       c. Brazil
       d. Columbia

Like Button - Rembrandt Social Media LP claims it has the rights to a patent for the like button.Facebook has recently been slapped with a lawsuit over one of its features. Which one?

       a. Pages Feature
       b. Like Button
       c. Timeline Feature
       d. Search Feature

Egypt - Protesters are demanding that Morsi fulfill the goals of the revolution which brought him to power.On February 11th, police had to use water cannons and tear gas to disperse stone-throwing protesters gathered outside the presidential palace of President Mohamed Mursi. In what country?

       a. Egypt
       b. Syria
       c. Algeria
       d. South Korea

Montana Television Network - The network stated that their system was hacked, and that there was no emergency.An emergency warning about the "bodies of the dead rising from their graves and attacking the living" was broadcast on which TV network's emergency alert system?

       a. Florida Television Network
       b. California Television Network
       c. Montana Television Network
       d. Texas Television Network

Death Star - Washington previously turned down a petition for its construction, citing astronomical costs. Sci-Fi fans have raised almost $400,000 on a fundraising site for the creation of what item featured in the Star Wars movie series?

       a. Stormtrooper Suit
       b. Millennium Falcon
       c. Death Star
       d. Carbonite Preservation Machine

United States - CISPA would allow for the voluntary sharing of Internet traffic between private companies and the government.Heavily criticized for violating privacy laws, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act is once again on the table. In which country?

       a. United States
       b. England
       c. France
       d. Canada

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