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Halloween Around The World Quiz

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Ireland - This dessert is a type of fruit bread.Which country eats Brambrack on Halloween?

       a. Ireland
       b. Germany
       c. Mexico
       d. Canada

England - The cats are locked away to prevent them from being caught by elves.Which country locks up their cats on Halloween?

       a. Laos
       b. China
       c. England
       d. Columbia

Scotland - The peel was often used to predict a person's future spouse.Which country uses apple peels on Halloween to predict a person's future?

       a. Scotland
       b. Spain
       c. Russia
       d. Brazil

A rutabaga - Rutabagas are root vegetables.In Scotland turnips and neep were often carved in Jack-o-lanterns. What is neep?

       a. A beet
       b. A sweet potato
       c. A rutabaga
       d. A squash

A coin - A pea, a stick and a ring were often baked into this traditional Halloween food as well.What item was often baked into a Halloween Barmbrack and when found would indicate that the finder would have good fortune in the coming year?

       a. A button
       b. A coin
       c. A bead
       d. A bean

China - This celebration often includes offering the hungry spirits gifts.Which country celebrates the Festival of the Hungry ghosts?

       a. China
       b. Hungry
       c. Peru
       d. Australia

Poland - Poland also celebrates All Saint's Day, November 1st, and all Soul's Day, November 2nd.Which country traditionally opens all the doors and windows in the house to welcome spirits and ghosts?

       a. Poland
       b. America
       c. England
       d. New Zealand

Germany - This is done to ensure that ghosts are not harmed.It is a tradition to hide all the knives in the house, on Halloween, in which country?

       a. France
       b. Germany
       c. India
       d. Japan

Italy - This dish is actually a small cake or cookie.Which country cooks Beans of the Dead?

       a. Scotland
       b. Italy
       c. Portugal
       d. Brazil

Austria - These items are left to welcome ghosts.Which country celebrates Halloween by leaving water, bread and a light on the table?

       a. Austria
       b. New Zealand
       c. Iceland
       d. Ireland

Canada - Celebrations often include parties and games.Dressing up in costume, handing out candy and pumpkin carving are all a part of which nation's Halloween celebrations?

       a. Japan
       b. Mexico
       c. Canada
       d. Kenya

Pastry - This dish is often made in Spain.Bones of the Dead is a traditional Halloween dish. What kind of food is it?

       a. Bread
       b. Pastry
       c. Pasta
       d. Stew

Japan - Obon is a festival for the dead and is often celebrated in August.O-Bon is celebrated in which country?

       a. Japan
       b. France
       c. South Africa
       d. Argentina

England - It is also called Snap Apple Night and Nutcracker Night.Halloween is often referred to as Mischief Night in which country?

       a. England
       b. Australia
       c. Peru
       d. Iceland

Isle of Man - Celebrations often included baking Dumb Cakes and Soddag Valloo.Hop-Tu-Naa is celebrated in which nation on the 31st of October?

       a. Isle of Man
       b. Jamaica
       c. Wales
       d. France

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