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Halloween Trivia Quiz II

Printable Halloween Trivia Questions

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$95 - The average household spends about $25 on candy.According to recently released statistics, how much did the average American family spend on Halloween in 2014?

a. $55
b. $175
c. $160
d. $95

Someone is about to die - In earlier times, some people believed that owls were disguised witches.According to superstition, hearing an owl's call means?

a. A baby is being born
b. There is a ghost about
c. The weather is going to turn bad
d. Someone is about to die

A loved one is watching - Spiders seen on Halloween were thought to be the spirit of a deceased loved one.What does seeing a spider on Halloween mean?

a. You will have bad luck
b. You are going to die very soon
c. A loved one is watching
d. You are going to have good luck in the following year

Candy Corn - This popular candy was invented by George Renninger in the 1880s.Which candy was originally called chicken feed?

a. Rockets
b. M&Ms
c. Candy Kisses
d. Candy Corn

Apples - This game is sometimes called duck-apple in England.What might you "bob" for on Halloween?

a. Sweet potatoes
b. Apples
c. Walnuts
d. Pumpkins

Chocolate bars - And, the most popular bar was a Snickers.According to a recent poll of children, what is their favorite treat to receive?

a. Gum
b. Candy corn
c. Chocolate bars
d. Lollipops

Ireland - Halloween has its roots in the Celtic culture.Which country is credited with being the founder of Halloween?

a. Spain
b. Ireland
c. Romania
d. Russia

On a vine - Pumpkins grow on vines, which spread across the ground.How do pumpkins grow?

a. On a vine
b. It's a Halloween mystery
c. In the ground
d. On trees in clusters

Black and orange - Orange is the color of the harvest.Which two colors are associated with Halloween?

a. Orange and brown
b. Orange and green
c. Black and orange
d. Black and white

November 1st - This celebration coincides with All Saint's Day.When do Mexicans celebrate the "Day of the Dead"?

a. November 1st
b. October 30th
c. November 30th
d. October 31st

The ability to talk to the dead - Michael Landon (actor/director) and John Keats the poet were both born on this day.If you were born on Halloween, what ability might you have?

a. The ability to move things with your mind
b. The ability to spirit walk
c. The ability to see the future
d. The ability to talk to the dead

Samhain - Samhain means end of summer.What was the name of the Lord of the Dead who, according to the Celts, traveled on Halloween?

a. Socrates
b. Hades
c. Vlad
d. Samhain

Next to marry - This game is the same as bobbing for apples, only the apple is tied to a string. The prize in both cases is being the next person to get married.What is the significance of being the first person to bite an apple on a string?

a. Gets to kiss the prettiest girl
b. Will have a long life
c. Will have good luck
d. Next to marry

Salt - Garlic is rumored to keep vampires away.If you want to keep spirits out of your home on Halloween, what should you sprinkle on the doorstep?

a. Garlic
b. Mint
c. Salt
d. Cinnamon

Elsa the Snow Queen - Spider Man was the top boy's costume.According to Zulily, what was the most purchased Halloween costume for girls in 2014?

a. Witch
b. Elsa the Snow Queen
c. Snow White
d. Mermaid

Elsa the Snow Queen - Spider Man was the top boy's costume.According to Zulily, what was the most purchased Halloween costume for girls in 2014?

a. Witch
b. Elsa the Snow Queen
c. Snow White
d. Mermaid

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