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History of England Trivia Questions

History Trivia Questions and Answers - Printable History Trivia

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Edward I - Edward I is also known as the Hammer of the Scots.Which ruler of England was known as Longshanks?

A survey of the entire population of England - William the Conqueror commissioned the Domesday Book.What is the "Domesday Book"?

1348 - The Bubonic plague killed approximately one third of the population in Europe.When did the Bubonic plague strike England?

Azincourt - The Battle of Azincourt is known for the significant use of longbowmen.Which battle is the centerpiece of Shakespeare's play Henry V?

116 years - A Hundred Years' War is actually a series of armed conflicts and political unrest, lasting from 1337 until 1453How long did the Hundred Years' War last?

Henry VIII - Henry VIII went into a dispute with the Pope Clement VII over a divorce with Catherine of Aragon.Which king is known to have started the English Reformation?

Francis Drake - Francis Drake was knighted for his merits to the crown.Who lead the English fleet in the war against the Spanish Armada?

Mary I - The Protestants nicknamed her the Bloody Mary for her role of prosecuting the Protestants.Which one of the Tudors re-established the Roman Catholic Church in England?

She was half-bald after suffering from smallpox - Due to a genetic disease, she was completely bald in her late twenties.Elizabeth I of England was known for her fondness of wigs and cosmetics. What was the reason for that?

Queen Victoria - At least 7 other schools in Canada bear the name of Queen Victoria.Queen's University at Kingston, Canada, was established with a royal charter from which queen?

A boar - The Tudor dynasty destroyed most of the examples of the badges containing the white boar of Richard III after his death.What animal was on the banner of King Richard III, from the House of York?

Oliver Cromwell - Cromwell ruled as Lord Protector from 1653 until his death in 1658.Who is attributed to these words "Necessity hath no law"?

Sir Henry Cavendish - Henry Cavendish also measured Earth's density.Who discovered hydrogen?

The Gunpowder Plot was discovered - The 5th of November is known as Guy Fawkes Day, celebrated with fireworks and bonfires throughout the England.What happened on the 5th of November in 1605?

Jeremy Bentham - Jeremy Bentham's head is locked somewhere in the University of London.Which English philosopher is the founder of Utilitarianism?

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