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July 2012 Current Events Quiz

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Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma - Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is the first woman ever to become the head of the African Union.Who is the new leader of the African Union?

       a. Jean Ping
       b. Idriss Ndele Moussa
       c. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma
       d. Jacob Zuma

Pamplona - Fifteen people have been killed at this event since 1925.What city is known for the bull race at the San Fermin festival?

       a. Madrid
       b. Pamplona
       c. Barcelona
       d. Las Palmas

Moonblood - Sage Moonblood Stallone starred in Rocky V as the son of Rocky Balboa.What was the middle name of recently deceased Sage Stallone?

       a. Tiger
       b. Moonblood
       c. Tyler
       d. Sid

July 14 - Bastille Day is the biggest national holiday in France.When do the French celebrate the Bastille Day?

       a. July 10
       b. July 14
       c. July 4
       d. July 22

North Korean army leader - The official explanation for the removal of Ri Jong Ho from his post was an illness.Who is Ri Jong Ho?

       a. First Chinese female astronaut
       b. North Korean army leader
       c. Newly elected president of Vietnam
       d. A South Korean filmmaker.

Marc Webb - The Amazing Spider-Man is the first movie of the rebooted franchise.Who directed the box office hit of July 2012, The Amazing Spider-Man?

       a. Sam Raimi
       b. Christopher Nolan
       c. Marc Webb
       d. Michael Thurmeier

Marine Le Pen - The French National Front was outraged by the comparison of Le Pen and Hitler. So Madonna likes to provoke... who would have thought?Which French politician was featured in a Madonna concert in Paris?

       a. Francois Hollande
       b. Marine Le Pen
       c. Segolene Royal
       d. Francois Sarkozy

Tour de France - The race covers over 3000 kilometers.What is the most prestigious sports event for cyclists in July?

       a. The Olympic Games
       b. Tour de France
       c. Giro d'Italia
       d. Vuelta a Espana

Russian Soyuz - The International Space Station has been in use for over 11 years now and will operate for 16 more.What spaceship set off in July 2012, to reach the International Space Station?

       a. Chinese Shenzhou-9
       b. Russian Soyuz
       c. US Challenger
       d. Virgin SpaceShipTwo

Tornados - Tornados are a very rare occurrence in Europe.What natural disaster struck Poland in July?

       a. Tornados
       b. Flood
       c. Forest fire
       d. Volcano eruption

Jelly Bean - New Android versions are named after desserts, and go in alphabetical order.What's the name of the new Android OS system for Smartphones?

       a. Jelly Bean
       b. Gingerbread
       c. Honeycomb
       d. Ice Cream Sandwich

Steven Tyler - Steven Tyler decided to leave American Idol after two seasons.Who said, "I've decided it's time for me to let go of my mistress American Idol before she boils my rabbit”?

       a. Steven Tyler
       b. Simon Cowell
       c. Brian Dunkleman
       d. Ryan Seacrest

Barclays - Barclays is the fourth biggest bank in the world.Which major international bank got involved in the so-called "Libor scandal"?

       a. Barclays
       b. BNP Paribas
       c. Deutsche Bank
       d. HSBC

Israel - Clinton also went to Egypt where protesters threw tomatoes and shoes at her motorcade.Which Middle-East country did Hilary Clinton visit to talk about the peace process, meeting Shimon Peres?

       a. Israel
       b. Jordan
       c. Syria
       d. Yemen

San Diego - Comic-Con in San Diego is the oldest and the largest in the US.Which US city holds the Comic-Con International festival?

       a. San Diego
       b. New York
       c. Baltimore
       d. Phoenix

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