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Assisting the elderly - The name of Russell's organization was Wilderness Explorers.(Up) Russell was a Boy Scout and the only merit badge he was missing was...?

       a. First Aid
       b. Camping
       c. Assisting the elderly
       d. Engineering

Lotso - Lotso was the leader of the toys at the Sunnyside Daycare Center.What did the other toys call Lots-'O-Huggin' Bear in Toy Story 3?

       a. Big Bear
       b. Brownie
       c. Lotso
       d. Huggie

Coral - The clownfish such as Nemo or Marlin can be found in the ocean around Tonga and Fiji regions.What was the name of Nemo's mother (Finding Nemo)?

       a. Daisy
       b. Coral
       c. Violet
       d. Dory

Tail - Hiccup named his dragon 'Toothless' for his retractable teeth.Toothless, Hiccup's dragon had an injury. What body part was injured (How to Train Your Dragon)?

       a. Head
       b. Tail
       c. Wings
       d. Leg

10 - Elliot was played by Henry Thomas.How old was Elliot when he found E.T.?

       a. 10
       b. 9
       c. 8
       d. 13

A duck - Ferdinand the duck thought that being a rooster would save him from being eaten.In Babe, a special animal was performing the duties of a rooster. What animal was it?

       a. A dog
       b. A duck
       c. A goose
       d. A chicken

It was an alien robot - The film is based on a novel entitled 'The Iron Man'.What was the origin of the robot from The Iron Giant?

       a. The Americans built him
       b. It was an alien robot
       c. He was Chinese
       d. He came from an ancient human civilization

Gryffindor's sword - Luckily Ron saves Harry from drowning.What did Harry find beneath the ice in the pond (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1)?

       a. Harry's wand
       b. Gryffindor's sword
       c. A horcrux medallion
       d. The resurrection stone

A food critic - Anton Ego lost his reputation after reviewing Remy's restaurant. It's a happy ending nonetheless.Who is Anton Ego (Ratatouille)?

       a. A food critic
       b. A chef
       c. A restaurant owner
       d. A policeman

His Royal Air Force badge - Rocky was a flying circus rooster.What did Fowler give Rocky for saving Ginger's life (Chicken Run)?

       a. His Royal Air Force badge
       b. His cane
       c. A military hat
       d. A handshake

Red - Jeff has four fingers on each hand.What is the color of Jeff Fungus, Randall's assistant (Monsters Inc.)?

       a. Red
       b. Blue
       c. Yellow
       d. Violet

Organization of Super Spies - Currently there are four movies in the franchise.What does OSS stand for (Spy Kids)?

       a. Only Spies Survive
       b. Open Source Software
       c. Organization of Super Spies
       d. Organization of Secret Service

A rabbit - Thumper taught Bambi to walk and talk.Who is Thumper (Bambi)?

       a. A deer
       b. A hunter
       c. A rabbit
       d. A skunk

Jackie Chan - The main character was played by Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith.Who played Mr. Han in the new Karate Kid?

       a. Chow Yun-Fat
       b. Jackie Chan
       c. Jet Li
       d. Noriyuki Morita

Chicago - Chris Columbus also directed the second and the third part of Harry Potter.What city is Kevin McCallister from?

       a. Chicago
       b. New York
       c. Los Angeles
       d. Boston

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