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Elizabeth Phillips - The very first version of the game was called The Landlord's Game.Who invented the game of Monopoly?

Rich Uncle Pennybags - The appearance of the character was somewhat influenced by the appearance of J.P. Morgan.What is the name of the figure with a suit and moustache, featured on the Monopoly game box?

Parker Brothers - Parker Brothers, among other companies, belong to Hasbro.Which company publishes the game of Monopoly?

South Park edition - There are also, of course, SpongeBob, James Bond, Elvis, John Deere, Denver Broncos editions and many, many more...Which of the following special Monopoly Editions does not exist?

       a. Batman edition
       b. South Park edition
       c. The Simpsons edition
       d. I Love Lucy edition

Prisoners of war - During World War II, the game pieces were made of wood due to the metal shortages.Who received a special Monopoly edition, which featured a compass, maps and real money?

       a. Hasbro subscribers
       b. Prisoners of war
       c. Children playing in China and some other Asian countries
       d. 1952 Monopoly championship winners

40 - The most frequently visited space on the Monopoly board is 'GO'.How many spaces are there on the Monopoly board?

Atlantic City - Some places were misspelled - Marvin Gardens (instead of Marven Gardens), and also North Carolina Avenue (South Carolina Avenue).The streets on the original Monopoly board game were taken from which city?

United Kingdom - The game has been translated into 37 languages and licensed in 103 countries.Which European country has the most Monopoly versions released?

It's the total sum of Monopoly money - In the original US edition, it was $15,140.The main prize in the World Monopoly Tournament was $20,580 USD. Why was this amount chosen?

Chair - Koala was released in Australian Monopoly version.Which of the following is NOT a Monopoly token?

       a. Koala
       b. Chair
       c. Locomotive
       d. Wheelbarrow

8 - You want to put up houses? First, you need a color group.How many color groups are there on the board?

Jake - In addition, there is also the policeman, Officer Edgar Mallory.What's the first name of the character that is pictured in jail on the Monopoly board?

Pennybags' niece and nephew - Uncle Pennybags has another nephew, named Randy.Who are Sandy and Andy?

Iceland - The championship was held in Reykjavik in 1972.Where did the first European Monopoly championships take place?

70 days - The game took 1680 hours to finish. Phew...How long did the longest Monopoly game ever last?

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