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Six - The Monty Python group were featured in a number of full length films.How many members were in the group known as Monty Python?

       a. Four
       b. Six
       c. Nine
       d. Three

Graham Chapman - Graham also played the voice of God and the middle head.Who played in the character of Arthur in the classic movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail?

       a. Michael Palin
       b. Graham Chapman
       c. Eric Idle
       d. Terry Jones

Three - The Bridge Keeper was played by Terry Gilliam.In the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, how many questions does the Bridge Keeper ask?

       a. Three
       b. One
       c. None
       d. Four

Eric Idle - Eric was supposedly shot out of a canon. Which member of Monty Python appeared at the closing Olympic Ceremonies in London 2012?

       a. Eric Idle
       b. Terry Gilliam
       c. Terry Jones
       d. Michael Palin

Graham Chapman - Graham was only 48.Which member of Monty Python died in 1989?

       a. Graham Chapman
       b. Eric Idle
       c. John Cleese
       d. Michael Palin

George Harrison - It is claimed that George mortgaged his house.When Monty Python needed funding, which famous rocker loaned them money?

       a. George Harrison
       b. Elton John
       c. Eric Clapton
       d. Rod Stewart

1969 - The show debuted on BBC on the fifth of December, 1969.When did Monty Python's Flying Circus first air?

       a. 1969
       b. 1975
       c. 1982
       d. 1978

Terry Gilliam - Terry later moved into the world of directing.Which member of Monty Python created most of the sketches?

       a. Terry Gilliam
       b. Terry Jones
       c. Eric Idle
       d. Michael Palin

Terry Jones - Terry is only 5 feet 8 inches.Which member of Monty Python is the shortest?

       a. Eric Idle
       b. Terry Jones
       c. John Cleese
       d. Terry Gilliam

Ella Enchanted - Eric Idle also does the voice of Merlin in the film Shrek the Third.Eric Idle is the narrator on which of these films?

       a. Ella Enchanted
       b. Shawshank Redemption
       c. The Princess Bride
       d. The Thin Red Line

1983 - The Meaning of Life is classed as a musical, comedy sketch film.When did the Meaning of Life Debut?

       a. 1983
       b. 1976
       c. 1972
       d. 1986

Eric Idle - Eric wrote almost all of the songs for the show.Which member of Monty Python was responsible for Spamalot?

       a. Terry Gilliam
       b. John Cleese
       c. Eric Idle
       d. Terry Jones

CBC - The CBC first aired the show in 1970.Which North American network was the first to pick-up Monty Python's Flying Circus?

       a. ABC
       b. CBC
       c. NBC
       d. HBO

Graham Chapman - This film was banned in Ireland.Who plays Brian in The Life of Brian?

       a. John Cleese
       b. Graham Chapman
       c. Terry Jones
       d. Terry Gilliam

Cohen - This movie was directed by Terry Jones.What was Brian's last name in the classic film The Life of Brian?

       a. Cohen
       b. Tudor
       c. Windsor
       d. Churchill

Norway - The film used this fact to gain attention. Ireland banned the film The Life of Brian. What other nation did the same?

       a. Norway
       b. Germany
       c. Canada
       d. Scotland

The Meaning of Life - Not the Production Accountant - Steve Abbott, is another strange credit seen in the film. "The Producers would like to thank all the fish who have taken part in this film." This is an actual credit from which movie?

       a. The Meaning of Life
       b. And Now for Something Completely Different
       c. The Holy Grail
       d. The Life of Brian

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