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Jimmie Johnson - Jimmie Johnson was born on the 17th of September, 1975. He has won this title four times. Who won the title of NASCAR Driver of the Year in 2010?

Pontiac Grand Prix - Tony Stewart was using the #20. The car was owned by Joe Gibbs.In 2002, Tony Stewart was named NASCAR Driver of the Year. What kind of car was he driving?

Infineon Raceway - The Infineon Raceway course in California is 1.99 mile road course.If you were in California, which NASCAR raceway could you visit?

Trevor Bayne - Trevor Bayne is diving for Wood Brothers Racing. In the Sprint Car Series, he is in car #21. Which current (2012) NASCAR driver won USAR Hooters Pro Cup Rookie of the year at the age of 15?

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. - Ricky was born in 1987 in Olive Branch, Mississippi. He won his first race in 2011. Who won the NASCAR Nationwide Series Drivers' Championship in 2011?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. - In both seasons, he had a Chevrolet. He was number eight.In 2004 and 2005, Martin Truex won the title of the NASCAR Nationwide Series Drivers' Championship. Who owned the car that he drove?

Tom Baldwin - Tom died at the Thompson International Speedway. He crashed into a pole in the infield.Who died on the track during a NASCAR race on August 19th 2004?

76 - His brother, Jimmy is the only one allowed to use the number.John Blewett III died while racing at the Thompson Speedway. To honor him the Speedway retired his number. What number was retired?

Daytona international Speedway - There have been twelve fatal accidents on this track.Which NASCAR track has had the most fatal accidents?

Greg Biffle - The car that Greg was driving was owned by Jack Roush. It was a Ford.Who was driving number sixty when he won the NASCAR Nationwide Series Drivers' Championship?

T.J. Bell - Bell was born on august 25th, 1980 in Sparks, Nevada. Bell was the Nevada state Go-Kart champion.Which driver is currently (2012) driving a Ford car which is owned by Rusty Wallace?

Bill Elliot - Bill Elliot was born on the 8th of October, 1955. He has won the award 16 times.Who won the NASCAR most popular driver award (Sprint Cup Series) in 2000?

Matt Kenseth - Dale Earnhardt, Scott Pruett and Stacy Compton were all runners-up for this award.Who won the NASCAR Rookie of the Year award in 2000?

Daytona 500 - This is the first race of the NASCAR season.The Harley J. Earl Trophy is given to the winner of which NASCAR race?

Charlotte Motor Speedway - This race used to be called the World 600. This is the longest race that is permitted by NASCAR. It is 600 miles long.Where is the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 held?

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