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Superheroes Quiz II

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Shoots webbing from his wrists - In the movie, he shot webbing from his wrists. In the comic book, he built a device to do this.Which of the following is NOT a power Spiderman received when bitten by a radioactive spider in the original Marvel comic book series?

a. Super Strength
b. Capable of crawling on walls and ceilings
c. Spider Sense
d. Shoots webbing from his wrists

Brainiac - Brainiac is a villain in Superman comics.Which of these villains is NOT an enemy of Batman?

a. The Joker
b. Ra's Al Chul
c. The Penguin
d. Brainiac

Hal Jordan - The Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen, died in the DC storyline called 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'.Which of these characters have NOT been called "The Flash" in DC Comics?

a. Wally West
b. Barry Allen
c. Jay Garrick
d. Hal Jordan

The Juggernaut - The Juggernaut receives his powers from the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak.In X-Men comics, Professor X's half-brother , Cain Marko, is also known as...?

a. Killer Croc
b. The Juggernaut
c. Magneto
d. Sabretooth

The Color Yellow - The Golden Age Green Lantern had a weakness to wood.What, classically, was the weakness of the Green Lantern's ring?

a. Kryptonite
b. The Color Yellow
c. Lead
d. Water

Batman - Oliver Queen is the secret identity of Green Arrow.Millionaire Bruce Wayne is the alter ego of...?

a. Spiderman
b. Superman
c. Green Arrow
d. Batman

Beauty - The Powerpuff Girls protect the city of Townsville.Which one of these is not a Powerpuff Girl?

a. Blossom
b. Bubbles
c. Beauty
d. Buttercup

Ultron - Ultron is an archenemy of the Avengers.Which of these villains are not a regular enemy of the X-Men?

a. Magneto
b. The Juggernaut
c. Lady Deathstrike
d. Ultron

The Toxic Avenger - There have been 4 Toxic Avenger movies.The hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength is...?

a. Swamp-Thing
b. Richard Simmons
c. Ironman
d. The Toxic Avenger

Deadpool - The X-Men, Spiderman, Daredevil and the Hulk all have had blockbuster movies in the recent past.Which of these superhero characters have not had their own movie?

a. Punisher
b. Deadpool
c. Captain America
d. Thor

Shazam - Captain Marvel has had several TV shows including a cartoon in the 80's.What magic word(s) did young Billy Batson utter to turn into Captain Marvel?

a. Shazam
b. Presto
c. Captain Marvel
d. Abracadabra

Daredevil - The 5 original Avengers were Captain America, Thor, Giant Man, Wasp, and The Hulk.Which of these was not an original Avenger?

a. Thor
b. Daredevil
c. Captain America
d. Wasp

Invisibility - Batman is human. He has no superpowers.Which of these is not a power that Superman has?

a. Heat vision
b. Flight
c. Super strength
d. Invisibility

Chameleon - The Chameleon can imitate anybody.Which of these characters do not have the ability to stretch their bodies?

a. Chameleon
b. Plastic Man
c. Elastic Boy
d. Mr. Fantastic

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