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Thanksgiving Trivia Questions

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Plymouth - The pilgrims were blown off course.Where did the pilgrims first land?

       a. Boston
       b. New York
       c. Plymouth
       d. Washington

The Mayflower - The Mayflower had a crew of about 30.What was the name of the ship, which carried the pilgrims?

       a. The Mayflower
       b. The Pinta
       c. The Beagle
       d. The Fina

102 - Two of the passengers died on board the ship.How many passengers were onboard?

       a. 74
       b. 102
       c. 117
       d. 28

Christopher Jones - Captain Jones died in March of 1622.Who was the Captain of the ship, which carried the Pilgrims?

       a. John Smith
       b. Christopher Jones
       c. Thomas Williams
       d. William Tell

66 - The ship left on the 6th of September.How many days were the pilgrims aboard the Mayflower?

       a. 93
       b. 66
       c. 74
       d. 220

Oceanus - Oceanus Hopkins was born halfway across the Atlantic Ocean.What was the name of the child that was born on the Pilgrim's ship?

       a. Oceanus
       b. Allanna
       c. Mary
       d. Bonnie

Wampanoag - They are also known as the Pakanoket.What was the name of the tribe which helped the pilgrims?

       a. Iroquois
       b. Cree
       c. Wampanoag
       d. Apache

Massasoit - Massasoit died in 1661.Who was the chief of the Pakanoet?

       a. Geronimo
       b. Massasoit
       c. Pocahontas
       d. Sitting Bull

October - It occurs on the second Monday of the month.During which month is Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada?

       a. November
       b. October
       c. September
       d. December

Abraham Lincoln - George Washington also made a proclamation about Thanksgiving.Who declared Thanksgiving to be a national holiday on the 4th Thursday of November?

       a. George Washington
       b. Abraham Lincoln
       c. Woodrow Wilson
       d. Andrew Jackson

Courage - President Obama pardoned Apple in 2010.What was the name of the turkey that was pardoned by Barack Obama in 2009?

       a. Charlie
       b. Flyer
       c. Courage
       d. Big Bird

Pumpkin pie - Apples were also part of the feast.Which of these popular Thanksgiving foods was not on the table in 1621?

       a. Corn
       b. Pumpkin pie
       c. Yams
       d. Turkey

1621 - The pilgrims had arrived the year before.When was the first thanksgiving?

       a. 1621
       b. 1764
       c. 1492
       d. 1812

Canada - Canada and the USA celebrate the holiday at different times.Aside from the USA, which other country celebrates Thanksgiving?

       a. Great Britain
       b. Canada
       c. India
       d. Australia

Puritans - They are also called Separatists. Pilgrims were also called?

       a. Seekers
       b. Quakers
       c. Puritans
       d. Mormons

50 percent - Many pilgrims were already suffering from scurvy from the long voyage. What percentage of pilgrims perished over the first winter?

       a. 30 percent
       b. 50 percent
       c. 75 percent
       d. 10 percent

John Carver - John Carver actually died before the first thanksgiving celebration.Who was the first governor of the Plymouth Colony?

       a. John Smith
       b. William Woodward
       c. John Carver
       d. David Foxworth

53 - Almost all of the pilgrims were men.How many pilgrims attended the Thanksgiving feast?

       a. 53
       b. 41
       c. 67
       d. 101

Ancient Rome - The horn of plenty is often associated with Hercules.Which countries culture gave us the cornucopia?

       a. The Celts
       b. The Native American
       c. Ancient Rome
       d. Ancient China

The mouth of the Hudson - The ship was supposed to sail to the colony of Jamestown.Where was the Ship carrying the pilgrims supposed to land?

       a. Maine
       b. The mouth of the Hudson
       c. New Hampshire
       d. British Columbia

A cargo ship - Its home port was Rotherhithe.The Mayflower was not a passenger ship. What was it?

       a. A cargo ship
       b. A fishing vessel
       c. A navy ship
       d. A pirate ship

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