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Valentines Trivia Quiz

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Strong, worthy - There are several saints in the Catholic Church known as Saint Valentine.What does the name Valentine mean?

14th of February - In the Orthodox Church Saint Valentine's Day is celebrated on the 5th and 30th of July.When do Valentines and Valentinas in the Orthodox Church celebrate their name day?

1-2 per minute - The number of burned calories can increase if you kiss more passionately.How many calories do you burn while kissing?

Capulet - The city of Verona receives more than 1000 valentine cards every year addressed for Juliet.Everyone knows the story of Romeo and Juliet. What was Juliet's last name?

Teachers - About 1 billion cards are sent on that day every year.People of which profession receive the most cards on St. Valentine's Day?

Character that leaves sweets for kids - Jack Valentine originates from Norfolk in the UK.Who is Jack Valentine?

Friend's day - Estonians also call it a Friend's day.What is St Valentine's Day known as in Finland?

Venus - Venus is the Roman version of the Greek goddess Aphrodite.Who is the Roman goddess of love and beauty?

Mars - Cupid is the son of Mars and Venus.Who is Cupid's father?

Where Cupid spilled nectar - It is thought that with his arrows, Cupid could inspire love just as much as hate.Romans believed that roses grew only in specific places. Where?

Agape - Agape is sometimes translated as 'Love of the soul'.Which type of love was known as the ideal type of love?

Josephine de Beauharnais - Josephine's first husband was Alexandre de Beauharnais.Who was the famous recipient of many of Napoleon's love letters?

California - Most of the roses sold in the USA on St. Valentine's Day are red.Which state produces around 60 percent of American roses?

A poor man is in love with her - Sparrows are a family of small passerine birds.If a sparrow is watching a girl on St. Valentine's Day, what does that mean?

So the Romans would know of her arrival before they could see the ship - Cleopatra was the object of love for both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony.According to a legend, Cleopatra sailed to Rome in a ship full of roses. Why did she do that?

20 years - While she was waiting for her husband to come back from the Trojan War, 108 suitors tried to take Odysseus' place.How long did Penelope wait for Odysseus?

The Divine Comedy - Dante Alighieri is known in Italy as the Supreme Poet.The loving couple of Pablo and Francesca appeared in what book?

Luprecalia - Lupercus is a Roman god of shepherds.What is the pagan celebration preceding Valentine's Day?

Two days before 2.14 - In Denmark and Norway, Valentine's Day is called Valentinsdag.When are the most Valentine cards purchased?

Almost 40 thousand people - Officially, there were 39,897 kissing for 10 seconds. However, the organizers did not explain why the number is not even.What is the current Guinness World record for the most people kissing simultaneously?

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