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Animals Trivia Quiz E5

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Beaver - An adult beaver weighs about 20 kg.What is the largest rodent in North America?

a. Ground hog
b. Beaver
c. Porcupine
d. Kangaroo rat

Capybara - The capybara is the world's largest rodent.The hydochoerus is what kind of animal?

a. Beaver
b. Possum
c. Capybara
d. Mouse

Beach vole - These voles live on Muskeget Island.What is another name for the Muskeget vole?

a. Beach vole
b. Singing vole
c. Tundra vole
d. Water vole

Eastern mole - The Eastern Mole builds burrows. What animal has spade-shaped forefeet adapted for digging?

a. Marsh rabbit
b. Chipmunk
c. Grey squirrel
d. Eastern mole

Nevada - These animals can also be seen in California.In which of the following states could you see a long-eared chipmunk?

a. Maine
b. Alaska
c. Nevada
d. Florida

Bat - The Seminole is a type of vesper or common bat.Seminole, Northern, Spotted and Haory are all breeds of what kind of animal?

a. Bat
b. Rabbit
c. Mouse
d. Squirrel

Channel Islands of California - These animals can be found on six of the eight islands.On which of these islands could you see an Island Fox?

a. Channel Islands of California
b. Vansittart Island
c. Opposite Island
d. Graham Island

Dire Wolf - The Dire Wolf is an extinct mammal.Which of these is not another name for a coyote?

a. Prairie Wolf
b. Brush Wolf
c. American Jackal
d. Dire Wolf

Alaska - The Kodiak is also called the Alaskan Grizzly Bear.In which state would you be able to see a Kodiak Bear?

a. Maine
b. Colorado
c. Utah
d. Alaska

A kit - Racoons have between two and five kits. Babies are also called cubs.What is the proper term for a baby racoon?

a. Joey
b. Pup
c. Whelp
d. A kit

Weasel - The females can be called a bitch, a doe or a Jill.The male of which species of animal can be referred to as a dog, a Jack, a hob or a buck?

a. Camel
b. Weasel
c. Wolf
d. Fox

Muskox - The muskox was introduced by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.Which animal that was wiped out in Alaska in the early 1900s was reintroduced in 1935?

a. Grey Wolf
b. Badger
c. Brown Bear
d. Muskox

Elk - Elk are one of the largest members of the deer family.What is another word for wapiti?

a. Beaver
b. Elk
c. Skunk
d. Wolverine

Porcupine - Porcupines are near sighted and slow moving.What is the only kind of native North American animal that has antibiotics in its skin?

a. Ferret
b. Vole
c. Kangaroo rat
d. Porcupine

Hoary marmot - They are sometimes called whistle pigs.What kind of animal whistles to alert other members of its species to dangers?

a. Hoary marmot
b. Jumping mouse
c. Texas antelope squirrel
d. Pocket gopher

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