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Animals Trivia Quiz IV

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45 years - Termites take care of their young collectively.How long can a queen termite live?

a. 5 years
b. 25 years
c. 80 years
d. 45 years

Sea trout - Weakfish live on the east coast of North America.Which of these is another term for weakfish?

a. Sea trout
b. Speckle trout
c. Sea bass
d. Tuna

A kangaroo - Wallaroos are native to Australia.What is a wallaroo?

a. A sea bird
b. A tropical fish
c. A kangaroo
d. A spider

Orangutan - Orangutans spend most of their time in the trees.Which of these animals live in Indonesia?

a. Orangutan
b. Lemur
c. Chimpanzee
d. Gorilla

Civet - A genet is an old world mammal. These creatures are also closely related to the fossa and the mongoose.Which of these creatures is related to the genet?

a. Civet
b. Donkey
c. Capybara
d. Guinea pig

Madagascar - As of 2013, the fossa is classified as near threatened.Where would you be able to see a fossa?

a. Iran
b. Sumatra
c. Columbia
d. Madagascar

Rhea - The rhea is native to South America.Which of these birds cannot fly?

a. Sandpiper
b. Rhea
c. Grouse
d. Tern

Reptile - The Aldabra is a giant tortoise.Which of these classifications applies to the Aldabra?

a. Reptile
b. Fish
c. Bird
d. Mammal

Argentine Horned Frog - The Argentine Horned frog is also called the Argentine Wide Mouthed Frog.Which of these frogs is often called a Pacman Frog?

a. Argentine Horned Frog
b. Goliath Frog
c. Helen’s Flying Frog
d. Leopard Frog

Iguana - The dewlap hangs beneath the lower jaw.Which of these creatures would have a dewlap?

a. Cobra
b. Hamster
c. Iguana
d. Rabbit

Saga antelope - The saga antelope is currently listed as critically endangered.Which of these animals lives on the Eurasian Steppes?

a. Lemur
b. Mongoose
c. Saga antelope
d. Gnu

They are native to North America - Moose are the largest members of the deer family.Which fact about the moose is true?

a. They do not have knees
b. They are carnivores
c. They are native to North America
d. They lay eggs

Honey badger - This mountain range is located in the central part of Africa.Which of these animals might you see if you were in the High Atlas?

a. Honey badger
b. White tailed deer
c. Bearded dragon
d. Guinea pig

Stoat - A stoat or ermine is related to the weasel.Which animals name translates to mean "bold" or "to push"?

a. Stoat
b. Chinchilla
c. Capybara
d. Rhea

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