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Arts And Literature Trivia Questions VI

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Three - Goldilocks sneaks into the house of the three bears.In the children's story Goldilocks, how many bears live in the house?

a. Five
b. Three
c. Seven
d. One

Porcelain - The crossed swords are one of the world's oldest trademarks.Crossed blue swords identify the Meissen type of what object?

a. Glassware
b. Porcelain
c. Silverware
d. Furniture

His Aunt - Tom lives with his Aunt Polly and his half brother.In Mark Twain's novel "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", who does Tom live with?

a. His father
b. His cousin
c. His Aunt
d. His grandmother

Lewis Carroll - Lewis Carroll wrote the tale of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.What was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson's pen name?

a. Lewis Carroll
b. Jane Eyre
c. Charles Dickens
d. Samuel Clements

The Great Gatsby - This classic was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.In which classic work, would you find the character, Nickolas Caraway?

a. Oliver Twist
b. The Great Gatsby
c. Dracula
d. A Tale of Two Cities

Eduoard Manet - You can tell it is Bass because of the red triangle logos.Two bottles of Bass beer can be seen in whose painting of a bar at the Folies-Bergeres?

a. Eduoard Manet
b. Toulouse Lautrec
c. Vincent Van Gogh
d. Auguste Renoir

Switzerland - Doctor Frankenstein comes from a wealthy family in Geneva.In Mary Shelly's novel "Frankenstein", where does Doctor Frankenstein grow up?

a. America
b. Switzerland
c. Germany
d. Romania

Peter Pan - Peter Pan lived in Neverland with the Lost Boys.Which famous literary character lived in Neverland?

a. Alice
b. Mowgli
c. Tarzan
d. Peter Pan

Gallbladder - Andy died in his sleep on the 22nd of February 1987.Artist Andy Warhol died after having what kind of surgery?

a. Liver
b. Heart
c. Gallbladder
d. Kidney

The tortoise - In the story, the slow and steady tortoise beats the hare.Who races against the hare in the classic Aesop's Fable?

a. The frog
b. The tortoise
c. The mouse
d. The hedgehog

Ship - Dracula arrives in Britain aboard the Russian ship Demeter.In Bram Stoker's classic story "Dracula", how does the vampire get to Britain?

a. Car
b. Train
c. Carriage
d. Ship

Earl - Tarzan's British name is John Clayton, the Earl of Greystoke.Tarzan is a member of the British aristocracy. What is his title?

a. Baron
b. Earl
c. Duke
d. Viscount

Three - The rhyme also states that they all had very fine fiddles.According to the rhyme, how many fiddlers did old King Cole have?

a. Nine
b. One
c. Three
d. Five

France - The Three Musketeers are the King of France's bodyguards.In which country is the novel "The Three Musketeers" set?

a. France
b. Greece
c. England
d. Italy

Black - They K stands for 'key'.In printer jargon, CMYK refers to cyan, magenta, yellow and what color?

a. Kale
b. Krimson
c. Black
d. Red

Elizabeth Bennet - The novel was written by Jane Austin.Which of these characters is in the novel, "Pride and Prejudice"?

a. Dorothy Gale
b. Elizabeth Bennet
c. Laura Henderson
d. Mary Potts

L. Frank Baum - Mr. Baum wrote over 50 novels, 83 short stories and numerous poems. Who wrote the story "The Wizard of OZ"?

a. Robert Service
b. Lewis Carroll
c. L. Frank Baum
d. Frances Hodgson Burnett

Renoir - Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a French artist who died in 1919.Which artist painted "On the Terrace"?

a. Renoir
b. Monet
c. Warhol
d. Thornhill

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