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230 - A cat has 230 bones, whereas an adult human only has 206.How many bones does a cat have?

a. 192
b. 186
c. 230
d. 120

Siamese - The cats are called Si and Am.What breed of cat is shown in the Disney Movie "Lady and the Tramp"?

a. American short Hair
b. Siamese
c. Tabby
d. Persian

4 - The average cat has 24 whiskers.How many rows of whiskers does a cat have?

a. 7
b. 4
c. 2
d. 6

30 - A kitten has 26 teeth.How many teeth does an adult cat have?

a. 36
b. 30
c. 42
d. 22

Australian Mist - This breed was developed by Dr. Truda Straede.The cat breed "Spotted Mist" is now known as what?

a. Australian Mist
b. Belgian Mist
c. Canadian Mist
d. American Mist

Himalayan - The Himalayan cat is also called a Himalayan Persian or a Colourpoint Persian.Which of these cat breeds has long hair?

a. Havana Brown
b. Ocicat
c. Russian blue
d. Himalayan

Munchkin - The breed has extremely short front legs. Which of these breeds is caused by a genetic mutation?

a. Siberian
b. Napoleon
c. Manx
d. Munchkin

Sokoke - The other three cats are native to the United States.Which of these breeds is native to Kenya?

a. Snowshoe
b. Nebelung
c. Tiffany
d. Sokoke

Abyssinian - The origin of this cat is unknown. It was once believed that it came from Ethiopia. However, recent research suggests it comes from the coast of the Indian Ocean.Which of these cats has a "ticked coat"?

a. Manx
b. Abyssinian
c. La Perm
d. Persian

Savannah - This breed was developed by crossing a Siamese and a Serval Cat.Which breed of cat is the largest?

a. Maine Coon
b. Ragdoll
c. Siberian
d. Savannah

1-3 weeks - It is common for female kitten's eyes to open sooner than males.When does a kitten open its eyes?

a. Two months
b. 1-3 weeks
c. 5 weeks
d. At birth

6 weeks - Although kittens are eating solid food by six weeks, they should remain with their mother for at least two more weeks.When does a kitten show interest in solid food?

a. Two months
b. 2 weeks
c. At birth
d. 6 weeks

A domesticated cat that has returned to the wild - Feral cats are truly wild. They are not socialized.What best describes a feral cat?

a. Cats that roam only at night
b. Cats that roam freely
c. A domesticated cat that has returned to the wild
d. A barn cat

Blackie - In 2011, a four-year-old cat named Tommaso, become the world's richest cat with an inheritance of £10m.What is the name of the cat that was left £9m by his reclusive British owner in 1988?

a. Paws
b. Blackie
c. Tubbs
d. Marmalade

16 Hours - A nine-year-old cat has been asleep for six years of its life.On average, cats spend how much time every day sleeping?

a. 16 Hours
b. 12 Hours
c. 8 Hours
d. 4 Hours

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