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World Globe - Round maps can be used to display other planets as well.What is the correct term for a round map?

a. World Globe
b. Complete
c. Atlas
d. Flat

Legend - Legends indicate the symbols of various items represented on a map.What is the proper term for the box, which shows the symbols on a map?

a. Table of contents
b. Legend
c. Outline
d. Glossary

A map that shows different borders - A political map shows the boundaries which are made by various governments.What is a political map?

a. A map that shows populations
b. A map that shows different borders
c. A map that shows the ocean tides
d. A map that shows terrain features

Lines of longitude - The lines measure degrees north and south.What are the horizontal lines on a map called?

a. Lines of longitude
b. Eastern lines
c. Lines of latitude
d. Western lines

Elevation - These lines are sometimes called contour lines.What are red lines on maps often used to indicate?

a. The poles
b. The equator
c. The prime meridian
d. Elevation

Atlas - An atlas is defined as a bound collection of maps and charts.What is the correct term for a book of maps?

a. Atlas
b. Encyclopedia
c. Tomb
d. Glossary

4 - These four directions are sometimes called the cardinal directions.How many "main" directions are there?

a. 4
b. 34
c. 12
d. 7

Water - Green is often used to depict land.On most maps, what does the color blue signify?

a. Deserts
b. Water
c. Land
d. Mountains

Cartographer - These people draw and design maps.What do you call a person who makes maps for a living?

a. Chartographer
b. Mapographer
c. Geographer
d. Cartographer

Scale - The scale tells you how big each representation is.What do you call the tool, which tells you the size of a map?

a. Lineage
b. Distance
c. Key
d. Scale

One that shows the features of the land - These maps are similar to physical maps.What is a topographical map?

a. One that shows the features of the land
b. One that show where different countries are
c. One that shows the roads and highways
d. One which shows the climate of the area

The equator - This line is at 0 degrees.What is the line around the middle of the earth called?

a. The center ridge
b. The cut mark
c. The equator
d. The midline

How high a place is above sea level - A person can measure the elevation of a hill, mountain or volcano.What does elevation mean?

a. How far it is from the South Pole to the North Pole
b. How far from the North Pole a place is
c. How high a place is above sea level
d. How far from the equator a place is

List what is marked on the map - For example an index might list all the cities on a particular map.Some maps have indexes. What do these do?

a. List what is marked on the map
b. Indicate direction
c. Show the symbols on a map
d. Tell people distances

North - North should always be at the top.When you read a map, which direction should be at the top?

a. South
b. East
c. West
d. North

Topographical - This map would list the elevation of the mountain.If you wanted to know how high Mount Fuji was, which map would you use?

a. Political
b. Road
c. Atlas
d. Topographical

Climate - Climate maps indicate a region in terms of weather.Which of these maps would tell you about the amount of rainfall in a specific region?

a. Climate
b. Road
c. Atlas
d. Globe

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