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Collective Terms Trivia Quiz II

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Sleuth - Sloth is also an acceptable collective term for bears! Did you know that bears have color vision?What is a group of bears called?

a. Triage
b. Clan
c. Peck
d. Sleuth

Rafter - A gang is also an acceptable collective term for Turkeys! Turkeys can fly up to 55 mph!What the collective term for Turkeys?

a. Rafter
b. Drift
c. Parliament
d. Congress

Hummingbirds - There are over 325 different species of hummingbirds! Only 8-12 species are found in the U.S.A group of which of these animals is called a charm?

a. Teal
b. Baboons
c. Ibex
d. Hummingbirds

Colony - Rabbits and Prairie Dogs also fall into the colony group.All three of these animals, Auks, Ants, and Badgers, share the same collective term. What is the term?

a. Colony
b. Ambush
c. Swarm
d. Fortress

Rhinos - White Rhinos can weigh over 7700 pounds!A crash is the collective term of which of these animals?

a. Elephants
b. Hippos
c. Dogs
d. Rhinos

Skulk - Leash is also an acceptable collective noun to describe a group of Foxes.The collective term for Foxes is which of the following?

a. Skulk
b. Army
c. Knot
d. Gang

Bats - The collective term for bats is a cloud!Which animal does not share the collective term herd?

a. Walruses
b. Boars
c. Bats
d. Buffalo

Ambush - Did you know that tigers live to be about 15 years old in the wild?The collective term for tigers is?

a. Spring
b. Spinster
c. Ambush
d. Dart

Peacocks - Another name for a group of peacocks is a party! A peacock's tail can be up to 5 feet long!An Ostentation is the collective term for these animals.

a. Penguins
b. Ferrets
c. Vipers
d. Peacocks

Cats - Some other terms for cats include Cludder, Clutter Kendle or Kindle.A clowder is the collective term for which group of animals?

a. Cats
b. Zebras
c. Horses
d. Apes

Zeal - A group of zebras can also be called a cohort or herd.What is a group of Zebras called?

a. Trip
b. Zeal
c. Pod
d. Company

Sparrows - A group of sparrows can also be called a meinie or tribe.Which of the following animals uses the collective noun host?

a. Sparrows
b. Snakes
c. Ravens
d. Pelicans

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