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Troop - Did you know that apes are considered to be the most intelligent of all the animals on earth?What is the collective term for a group of apes?

a. Barge
b. Ducky
c. Flock
d. Troop

Mess - Iguanas can stay underwater for approximately 28 minutes!What is the collective term for a group of iguanas?

a. Convoy
b. Colony
c. Mess
d. Convent

Owls - A herd is the collective noun for both Giraffes and Ibexes! Owls, however, are called a parliament!A herd refers to a collection of each of these animals except?

a. Snakes
b. Ibexes
c. Giraffes
d. Owls

Wolves - Wolves are the largest of the wild canine family and they are found in North America, Eurasia, and North Africa.A pack, herd, and rout are all collective nouns for which animal?

a. Bats
b. Penguins
c. Wolves
d. Whales

Cluster or Clutter - Cluster and Clutter are both used for spiders! Did you know there are more than 37,000 different species of spiders?What is the collective term for spiders?

a. Spindle
b. Collection
c. Web
d. Cluster or Clutter

Swallow - A swallow! Did you know many baby and parent swallows learn each other's voices and stay together over migration.A gulp is the collective noun for this type of bird?

a. Blue Bird
b. Swallow
c. Robin
d. Pigeon

Bats - Although Bats are not referred to as an army, they, along with Frogs and Ants can also be referred to as a Colony!All of these animals are collectively called an army except for which?

a. Frogs
b. Dogs
c. Bats
d. Ants

Mob - Mob! Troop is also used! Did you know Kangaroos can hop at close to 40 mph? They can also hop further than 25 feet in one jump! Some jumps reach 10 feet high!What is a collection of Kangaroos called?

a. Troop
b. Mob
c. Hobble
d. Pouch

Mice - Mice! A collection of elephants is a herd and a collection of clams is a bed.A nest and a trip are the collective terms for these animals?

a. Elephants
b. Foxes
c. Clams
d. Mice

Game - Cletch, Peep and Brood are just two of the terms to refer to chickens! Clutch, Flock, and Chattering are a few examples of other collective terms for chickens!Which of these terms does not refer to a collection of chickens?

a. Game
b. Peep
c. Brood
d. Cletch

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