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Colonial America History Trivia Questions II

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Jamestown - This colony was founded in 1607. Where was the first colony in the USA?

       a. Providence
       b. Jamestown
       c. New Haven
       d. Charleston

53 - These were the only survivors of the first long winter in America.How many of the Pilgrims attended the first Thanksgiving?

       a. 26
       b. 38
       c. 53
       d. 72

James I - The charter was signed in 1606 on the tenth of April. Which British monarch issued the First Virginia Charter?

       a. Elizabeth I
       b. Edward III
       c. James I
       d. Victoria I

1620 - It took the Mayflower sixty-six days to reach America.In what year did the Mayflower arrive in the United States?

       a. 1620
       b. 1587
       c. 1601
       d. 1637

Paul Revere - Paul Revere had 51 grandchildren. Which famous individual opened the first copper mill in America?

       a. William Penn
       b. Paul Revere
       c. George Washington
       d. Christopher James

Florida - The capital of this area was Boston.In 1686, the Dominion of New England was created. Which of these colonies or regions was not a part of this Dominion?

       a. Rhode Island
       b. Vermont
       c. Florida
       d. Maine

Captain Christopher Jones - The Mayflower was twelve years old when it made its historic journey to the New World. Who owned the Mayflower?

       a. John Mason
       b. Captain Christopher Jones
       c. Sit Thomas Dale
       d. Martin Luther

Thomas Hooker - Thomas is often referred to as 'The Father of Connecticut'.Who was considered to be the leader of the colonists who settled in Connecticut?

       a. Thomas Hooker
       b. Captain J. Smith
       c. Peter Minuit
       d. George Calvert

Patrick Henry - This speech was delivered in 1775.Which colonialist said the famous words "Give me liberty or give me death"?

       a. Thomas Paine
       b. Patrick Henry
       c. Samuel Adams
       d. Edmund Pendleton

1702 - This war is also called The Third Indian War.When did the Queen Anne's War start?

       a. 1768
       b. 1645
       c. 1702
       d. 1759

The Treaty of Utrecht - This document ended the war in 1713. What was the name of the treaty which ended the Third Indian War?

       a. The Treaty of Union
       b. The Treaty of Thorn
       c. The Treaty of Utrecht
       d. The Treaty of Hanover

The Iroquois Confederacy - The Mohawks, Onondaga and the Seneca were among the nations, which made up this confederacy. Who were the colonists fighting in "The Beaver Wars"?

       a. The Iroquois Confederacy
       b. The Cree
       c. The Shawnee
       d. The Seminole Nation

1640 - This war is also known as the Iroquois Wars. In what year did the Beaver Wars begin?

       a. 1605
       b. 1640
       c. 1685
       d. 1704

John Rolfe - John Rolfe started his farm on the James River. This was the first crop grown in America that was a cash crop.Who was the first farmer to commercially grow tobacco in America?

       a. Peter Stuyvesant
       b. John Rolfe
       c. John Mason
       d. Roger Williams

England and Spain - In 1702, England declared war on Spain and France. This war spilled over to the Americas. The French and Spanish colonialists took up arms against the British colonialists.Who was fighting in Queen Anne's War?

       a. America and Mexico
       b. England and Spain
       c. America and England
       d. Canada and America

New Hampshire - New Hampshire was founded by John Mason.The city of Concord was located in which colony?

       a. New Hampshire
       b. New Jersey
       c. New York
       d. Connecticut

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