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1610 - This war was with the Powhata Indians. When did the first war between the Virginian colonists and the Indians start?

       a. 1610
       b. 1635
       c. 1649
       d. 1598

Roger Williams - Roger was banished from Salem for his beliefs.Which of these individuals is considered to be one of the founders of Rhode Island?

       a. Samuel Skelton
       b. John Wilson
       c. Roger Williams
       d. William Laud

Naumkeag River - Salem was founded in 1626.On which body of water would you find Salem?

       a. Fresh Pond
       b. Naumkeag River
       c. Quincy Bay
       d. Little Island Pond

The Dutch - The Dutch were lead by Peter Stuyvesant. In 1655, the Swedish colony in New York was attacked. Who attacked them?

       a. The French
       b. The Iroquois
       c. The Dutch
       d. The Onondaga

Tobacco - Tobacco was the first cash crop grown in America.What crop was sometimes referred to as the gold of Virginia?

       a. Tobacco
       b. Wheat
       c. Corn
       d. Pumpkins

1770 - Five Americans were killed during the riot.When did the infamous Boston massacre occur?

       a. 1742
       b. 1658
       c. 1770
       d. 1754

Opchanacanough - Opchanacanough brought John before chief Powhatan, Pocahontas' father.Which feared Native captured John Smith of Jamestown?

       a. Wanunsunacock
       b. Opchanacanough
       c. Sitting Bull
       d. Powhatan

Small Pox - A small pox of this epidemic occurred in 1689. Which disease did the colonists of Salem believe was caused by witches?

       a. Scarlet Fever
       b. Small Pox
       c. Bubonic plague
       d. Tuberculosis

North Carolina - This was between the colonists and the Tuscarora Indians. A treaty was signed in 1715.Where did the Tuscarora War occur?

       a. New York
       b. Maine
       c. North Carolina
       d. Vermont

St. George's Fort - This fort was only occupied for a year.What was the name of the first Fort built by the colonists?

       a. Fort St. James
       b. Fort St. James
       c. St. George's Fort
       d. St. Patrick's Fort

John Rolfe - This marriage brought a period of peace to the region. What was the name of the colonist that Pocahontas married in 1614?

       a. Thomas Smith
       b. John Rolfe
       c. William Adams
       d. James Williams

450 - These ships arrived in Jamestown. In 1608 a fleet of ships arrived in America. How many new colonists did they bring?

       a. 670
       b. 200
       c. 450
       d. 530

1624 - The Virginia colony was classified as one of the Southern Colonies.When was Virginia officially made a royal colony?

       a. 1604
       b. 1582
       c. 1624
       d. 1643

Deputy Governor - Sir Thomas Dale was sent to help restore order to the colony and aid the settlers.What was Sir Thomas Dale's official position in the colonies?

       a. Deputy Governor
       b. Teacher
       c. Minister
       d. Cooper

19 - In addition to these witches, one man was pressed to death, one was stoned and two dogs were killed.How many individuals were executed as a result of the Salem witch trials?

       a. 5
       b. 37
       c. 19
       d. 53

Gaspee - The Gaspee was attacked and burned by colonists. Namquid point is now known as Gaspee.What was the name of the ship, which ran aground in 1772 off Namquid point?

       a. Gaspee
       b. Hannah
       c. Mayflower
       d. Nina

Governor - He was the Governor of Massachusetts from 1794 to 1797.Samuel Adams was a prominent figure in the colonies. What position did he hold?

       a. President
       b. Preacher
       c. Governor
       d. Captain

Restrict the number of hats exported - The Hat act was introduced in 1732. This act was among the many taxes and restrictions placed on the colonies by Britain.What was the purpose of the "Hat Act"?

       a. Restrict the number of hats exported
       b. Reduce the size of the local militia
       c. Increase the size of the militia
       d. Restrict the movement of ships

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