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Dinosaurs And Paleontology Trivia Quiz II

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About 95 percent of Earth life was destroyed - The causes are unknown to this day, but scientists speculate it might have been a powerful pulse of cosmic gamma rays.What is the estimated percentage of extinction during the Permian-Triassic extinction event?

       a. About half of the vertebrae went extinct
       b. About 60 percent
       c. About 95 percent of Earth life was destroyed
       d. Around 70 percent of marine life died

A dragonfly - Meganeura's wingspan went up to 65 cm (25 inches). Meganeura was a giant insect, closely resembling…

       a. Acockroach
       b. A dragonfly
       c. A butterfly
       d. A wasp

Swimming in the ocean - The females of Ichthyosaurus gave birth to live young, and did not lay eggs.What mode of locomotion was used by the Ichthyosaurus?

       a. Running on the ground
       b. Flying in the air
       c. Swimming in the ocean
       d. Jumping on the trees

Eocene - In other words, crocodiles first appeared about 55 million years ago.In which epoch did the crocodiles appear?

       a. Eocene
       b. Oligocene
       c. Paleocene
       d. Miocene

Swift seizer - It is most likely that velociraptors had feathers.Velociraptor means…?

       a. Swift seizer
       b. Fast dinosaur
       c. Fearsome hunter
       d. Agile hunter

Triceratops - Triceratops ate mostly plants, and insects.Which of the following well-known dinosaurs had three horns?

       a. Velociraptor
       b. Stegosaurus
       c. Triceratops
       d. Apatosaurus

Apatosaurus - Although Apatosaurus is the tallest of this bunch, there was a taller dinosaur - Sauroposeidon. Which of the following would have been the tallest?

       a. Tyrannosaurus Rex
       b. Apatosaurus
       c. Shantungosaurus
       d. Quetzalcoatlus

Two - Scientists still disagree over the function of these limbs.How many clawed digits did the Tyrannosaurus Rex bear on each of his front arms?

       a. Two
       b. One
       c. Three
       d. Four

Bird - Its wingspan was approx. 7 meters long.Argentavis magnificens, which lived about 6 million years ago, was a…?

       a. Bird
       b. Mammal
       c. Dinosaur
       d. Fish

Sloth - The modern-day sloth is much less fearsome. And definitely less deadly.Megatherium, an extinct animal the size of an elephant, was a mammal that is closely related to which present-day animal?

       a. Dog
       b. Elephant
       c. Sloth
       d. Giraffe

Spinosaurus - Spinosaurus would grow about 18 meters tall.Which was the largest land predator ever?

       a. T. Rex
       b. Spinosaurus
       c. Giganotosaurus
       d. Stegosaurus

It had a horn on its snout - The horn was Y shaped.Synthetoceras was a mammal that lived in North America about 8 million years ago. It looked like a horse, except for one detail. What sort of detail?

       a. It had a horn on its snout
       b. It had 6 legs
       c. It was a carnivore
       d. It had a flat head

A pterosaur - It is believed that pterosaurs evolved into birds.A flying reptile is called…

       a. A sauropod
       b. A pterosaur
       c. A dinosaur
       d. A plateosaurid

Mammoths - Mastodons lived only in what is now North America.Which had longer tusks, mammoths or mastodons?

       a. Mammoths
       b. Same length
       c. Mastodons
       d. Mastodons did not have tusks.

Smilodon - The giant teeth of Smilodon were used mainly to stab its prey.What is another name for the Sabre-tooth tiger?

       a. Smilodon
       b. Arctodus simus
       c. Carcharodon
       d. Dunkleosteus

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