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Easy Science Trivia Questions II

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The Moon - In 1965, the Ranger 8 was deliberately crashed in the Sea of Tranquility.Where would you find the Sea of Tranquility?

a. Mars
b. The Pacific Ocean
c. The Atlantic Ocean
d. The Moon

Au - Gold has been known since prehistoric times. It is a soft metal, whose atomic number is 79.What is the chemical symbol for gold?

a. G
b. A
c. Go
d. Au

Cow - An herbivore is an animal that only eats plants.Which of these animals is an herbivore?

a. Cow
b. Shark
c. Dog
d. Eagle

The Dark - Lachanophobia is the fear of vegetables.If you suffer from lygophobia, what are you afraid of?

a. Water
b. The Dark
c. Dust
d. Clouds

Burnt gunpowder - Moon rocks on earth have virtually no smell.What did astronauts claim the moon smelled like?

a. Manure
b. Burnt gunpowder
c. Propane gas
d. Mold

A person's face - Proboscis is another word for nose.Where would you find a proboscis?

a. A person's face
b. In Africa
c. On a tree
d. In the ocean

0 - Sharks do not have any bones. Their skeleton is made of cartilage.How many bones are in a shark's body?

a. 130
b. 97
c. 0
d. 228

Tidal wave - Tsunamis are often caused by earthquakes.Which of these is another word/phrase for Tsunami?

a. Hurricane
b. Earthquake
c. Tidal wave
d. Tornado

A geologist - Geologists are often employed by mining and oil companies.What do you call a person who studies rocks?

a. A biologist
b. A geologist
c. An ornithologist
d. An Archeologist

Antarctica - The continent of Antarctica is a cold desert. Where is the largest desert on earth?

a. Africa
b. Europe
c. North America
d. Antarctica

Plants - Gregor Mendel is famous for his work with pea plants. He made great strides in the field of genetics.Gregor Mendel performed experiments on which of the following?

a. Monkeys
b. Dogs
c. Trees
d. Plants

-40 - The boiling point of water in Celsius is one hundred, whereas it is 212 in Fahrenheit.If it is -40 Celsius, what is the temperature in Fahrenheit?

a. -40
b. 10
c. 0
d. 20

Wood - A cord occupies about 128 cubic feet.What does a cord measure?

a. Hay
b. Yarn
c. Milk
d. Wood

1846 - Neptune is the seventh planet from the sun. It was named after the god of the sea.When was the planet Neptune discovered?

a. 1637
b. 1846
c. 1289
d. 1945

Mercury - Mercury was named after the messenger of the gods. It is the closest planet to the sun.Which of these planets does not have any satellites?

a. Mercury
b. Earth
c. Jupiter
d. Neptune

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