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The study of the family household - Ecology literally translates to the study of the family household. It is also defined as the study of the relationship between organisms and their environment.What is ecology?

23.5 degrees - The correct answer is 23.5 degrees. The tilt in our earth's axis is the main cause of our seasonal temperature and day length changes.What is the degree of tilt the earth's axis of spin?

The West - Wind is always named for the direction it comes from, not the direction it is going to.Which direction do the Westerlies (wind) come from?

The poles - The colder air is, the less water it can hold. So really cold air (like the poles) can hold almost no water, making it very dry.Which region has the driest air?

Beetle - There are over 330,000 species of beetles on this planet. They have been found on every continent on Earth.One out of every four animals is a...?

It can produce many healthy offspring - Fitness in science is all about being able to pass on genes to future generations. Producing many healthy offspring is the only way to pass on genes.What does it mean when an animal is "fit" (scientific terms)?

Distribution - Abundance is the size of the population and metapopulation is collective of local subpopulations.Which of these terms describes the spatial location of a population - Metapopulation, Distribution or Abundance?

New (Fresh) Snow - Albedo is the reflectiveness of a surface. New snow reflects and does not absorb much heat, that is why new snow lasts longer than dirty snow. Asphalt has a low albedo. It absorbs most of the heat! That is why pavement is so hot in the summer!Which of these has a higher albedo - A Forest, Asphalt or New (Fresh) Snow?

Oxygen - Abiotic means non living. Biotic means living. Therefore, trees and birds would both qualify as biotic.Which of these is an example of an abiotic component - Oxygen, Trees or Birds?

Climate is over time, weather is current - Weather can be a few day forecast, but it does not represent the temperature/ conditions over time.What is the difference between climate and weather?

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