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With an Apple - Snow White falls into a deep sleep after eating the apple.In the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, how did the evil witch poison Snow White?

a. With an Apple
b. With a Doughnut
c. With a Sandwich
d. With a Cake

Cinderella - Cinderella loses her shoe while leaving the ball.Which of these fairy tale characters loses a shoe?

a. Red Rose
b. Belle
c. Snow White
d. Cinderella

A soldier - The old soldier is given a special cape, which makes him invisible.In the fairy tale about the princesses who dance all night, who discovers their secret?

a. A witch
b. A prince
c. A soldier
d. A woodcutter

A key - The key is stained with blood.In the fairy tale version of Bluebeard, what does bluebeard's wife try to clean?

a. Bluebeard's bed
b. Her shoes
c. A key
d. Bluebeard's robe

Pinocchio - The cricket acts as Pinocchio's conscience.In which popular story would you find a talking cricket?

a. Peter Pan
b. Pinocchio
c. Cinderella
d. Briar Rose

Sleeping Beauty - Maleficent is the evil fairy who curses sleeping beauty.The character of Maleficent appears in which fairy tale?

a. Snow White
b. Thumbelina
c. Red Rose
d. Sleeping Beauty

A sword - Jack uses an axe to cut down the beanstalk.In the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, which of these items is not an item that Jack stole from the giant?

a. A bag of gold
b. A harp
c. A sword
d. The goose

Dame Gothel - Dame Gothel keeps Rapunzel in a tower with no door.In the Grimm's German fairy tale, what was the name of the person who imprisoned Rapunzel?

a. Dame Wanda
b. Dame Gothel
c. Lady Griselda
d. Lady Satin

Dippy - The other dwarves were Doc, Bashful, Sneezey and Sleepy.Which of these is not one of the seven dwarves?

a. Happy
b. Dippy
c. Grumpy
d. Dopey

Two - Her father marries a woman with two selfish daughters.In the classic version of Cinderella, how many stepsisters does she have?

a. Five
b. Four
c. Two
d. None

Miners - The seven dwarves are often depicted as diamond miners.What did the seven dwarves do for a living?

a. Farmers
b. Wood cutters
c. Miners
d. Hunters

Spins straw into gold - Rumplestiltskin teaches the girl how to spin the straw.In the tale of "Rumplestiltskin", what does the miller's daughter do?

a. Spins straw into gold
b. Dance
c. Catch the golden goose
d. Sing

The Alps - The Snow Queen lived in a great ice palace. In the story of the "Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Anderson, where does the Queen live?

a. The North Pole
b. The Rockies
c. Russia
d. The Alps

Her grandmother - The grandmother lives on the other side of the forest in most versions of the tale.Whom does Little Red Riding Hood want to visit?

a. The queen
b. Her sister
c. Her aunt
d. Her grandmother

They are transformed into statues - The two girls are turned into statues at the gate of the castle.In the most popular version of the story, "Beauty and the Beast," what happens to Beauty's sisters?

a. They are banished
b. They are forced to work in the mines
c. They are transformed into statues
d. They are turned into birds

A frog - Thumbelina is rescued by some fish. What kind of creature is Thumbelina expected to marry after she is kidnapped?

a. A snake
b. A frog
c. A wasp
d. A raven

Open a small room - Bluebeard does not want his wife to unlock a small room in the castle.In the fairy tale version of Bluebeard, what is Bluebeard's wife told not to do?

a. Talk to her sister
b. Open a small room
c. Invite friends to the castle
d. Go into the woods

Owl - The fourth animal in the story is a dog.In the story of the "Bremen Town Musicians," which of these animals is not found in the story?

a. Cat
b. Owl
c. Rooster
d. Donkey

Flowers - They turn into the flower edelweiss. These flowers grow in the Alps. In Hans Christians Anderson's story the "Snow Queen," what do the Queen's tears turn into?

a. Flowers
b. Rain
c. Snow flakes
d. Butterflies

A duck - After killing the witch, the duck helps them cross a body of water. In the original story, Hansel and Gretel get assistance from what kind of creature on their way home from the witch's home?

a. A frog
b. A duck
c. A horse
d. An eagle

12 - The 12 princesses dance all night long. Each morning their shoes are completely worn out.In the story of the dancing princesses, how many princesses were there?

a. 12
b. 7
c. 3
d. 5

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