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Food And Drink Trivia Quiz #17

Printable Trivia Questions About Food and Drink

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Kiwifruits  - Vitamin C is thought to lower cancer risk.Which of the following fruits contains the most vitamin C per 100 grams?

a. Papayas
b. Strawberries
c. Oranges
d. Kiwifruits

Uncooked Beef - The modern version of steak tartare was first served in French restaurants sometime in the early 20th century.Steak tartare is a beef dish that is served with ...?

a. Dried Beef
b. Heavily Salted Beef
c. Heavily Peppered Beef
d. Uncooked Beef

Whisky - Whiskey is made from fermented grain mash.Which spirit's name means "Water of Life"?

a. Brandy
b. Vodka
c. Whisky
d. Gin

Tortilla - Tortillas are used to make burritos, amongst other things.In Mexican cuisine, which of these foods is a soft, finely ground wheat flour flatbread?

a. Burrito
b. Taco
c. Sapote
d. Tortilla

Bread - Pumpernickel originated in the Westphalia region of Germany sometime in the 1400s.What kind of food is a "Pumpernickel"?

a. Pasta
b. Rice
c. Bread
d. Wine

Harvey Wallbanger - A screwdriver is made with orange juice and vodka.What name is given to a cocktail consisting of Galliano, Vodka and Orange juice?

a. Moscow Mule
b. Harvey Wallbanger
c. Tom Collins
d. Screwdriver

Fish - A coulibiac is most often filled with salmon or sturgeon, rice, mushrooms, eggs, onions and spices.What is the main ingredient in the traditional Russian dish "Coulibiac"?

a. Fish
b. Chicken
c. Beef
d. Pork

Portugal - Nando's operates about 1,000 outlets in 30 countries.Founded in 1987, the restaurant chain "Nandos" serves the cuisine of which nation?

a. Italy
b. Portugal
c. Mexico
d. Spain

Japan - Japanese curry and ramen are also considered national dishes of Japan.Sushi is the national dish of which country?

a. Portugal
b. South Africa
c. Ukraine
d. Japan

Belgium - Limburger is known for its strong smell. "Limburger" is a famous cheese from which nation?

a. Spain
b. Belgium
c. Italy
d. France

Anchovies - Scotch Woodcock was a popular dish in the Victorian era.In a "Scotch Woodcock", what is cooked on toast with eggs?

a. Prawns
b. Anchovies
c. Cod
d. Salmon

Wasabi - Wasabi is also called Japanese horseradish.What is the name of the hot green paste often served in Japanese restaurants?

a. Lumbadi
b. Montabi
c. Stigabi
d. Wasabi

9 - Nine imperial gallons is equal to 10.8 US gallons.A "firkin" of beer consists of how many imperial gallons?

a. 6
b. 12
c. 3
d. 9

Turnip - The turnip is the heart shield in the arms of Keutschach am See."Golden Ball" and "Green Globe" are varieties of what vegetable?

a. Squash
b. Carrot
c. Turnip
d. Potato

Iceberg - Lettuce was first cultivated by the ancient Egyptians.Which geographical feature is also the name of a type of lettuce?

a. Iceberg
b. Sea
c. Mountain
d. Volcano

Red - Water makes up approximately 93 percent of asparagus's composition.Which of these is not a common variety of "Asparagus"?

a. White
b. Red
c. Purple
d. Green

Grape - Raisins are known to stimulate the libido.Raisins are the dried version of which fruit?

a. Apricot
b. Cherry
c. Peach
d. Grape

Rum - A citrus juice (such as lime juice) and sugar complete the daiquiri.What is the main alcoholic ingredient in a "Daiquiri"?

a. Rum
b. Rye
c. Gin
d. Vermouth

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