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Apple - The Arthur Turner Apple originates from the United Kingdom.An Arthur Turner plant produces which kind of fruit?

a. Pear
b. Peach
c. Apple
d. Plum

Ridge - The King of the Ridge cucumber originates from Southern Asia.Complete the title of a well-known variety of cucumber - King of the...?

a. Garden
b. Ridge
c. Rim
d. Ring

Chinese Gooseberry - Kiwifruit is native to Northern China.The edible berry of a woody vine, how is a kiwifruit otherwise known?

a. Japanese Plum
b. Chinese Gooseberry
c. Indian Fig
d. Asian Pear

Europe - Broccoli belongs to the cabbage family.On which continent did broccoli originate?

a. Asia
b. South America
c. Africa
d. Europe

Gooseberry - Gooseberries are often used as an ingredient in desserts, such as pies. Ribes Grossularia is the Latin name for which berry?

a. Blackberry
b. Elderberry
c. Gooseberry
d. Raspberry

Brussel Sprouts - The earliest known recipe for Bubble and Squeak was by Maria Rendell in 1806.What combines with potatoes to make the dish "Bubble and Squeak"?

a. Carrot
b. Peas
c. Turnip
d. Brussel Sprouts

90 - There are three main varieties of cucumber. Slicing, pickling and burpless.What percentage of a cucumber is water?

a. 30
b. 40
c. 5
d. 90

C - Limes contain less vitamin C than lemons.What vitamin is most prevalent in a lime?

a. E
b. D
c. C
d. A

Rose - The first strawberries were grown in France.Which family of plants does the strawberry belong to?

a. Mallow
b. Nightshade
c. Grass
d. Rose

Banana - Botanically, a banana is a berry.In some countries, this fruit may be called a plantain.

a. Dates
b. Damson
c. Persimmon
d. Banana

Avon - The cultivation of grapes began about 6,000 to 8,000 years ago.Which of the following is NOT a type of grape?

a. Ugni Blanc
b. Zinfandel
c. Chardonnay
d. Avon

Yam - Yams are native to Africa and Asia.Which of these is often confused for being a sweet potato?

a. Yam
b. Ugli Fruit
c. Watercress
d. Watermelon

Elberta - The peach is native to Northwest China.Which of these is the correct name for a type of peach?

a. Ulberta
b. Elberta
c. Ilberta
d. Alberta

Banana - Bananas are naturally slightly radioactive because of their high potassium content.Which type of fruit grows in bunches known as hands?

a. Kiwi
b. Pear
c. Banana
d. Apple

Seville - A Seville orange is also known as a Bitter or Sour Orange.Which Spanish city is also the name of a well-known type of orange?

a. Valencia
b. Barcelona
c. Madrid
d. Seville

Mandarin - During the Chinese New Year, mandarin oranges are considered symbols of abundance and good fortune.Which fruit has the varieties Kara, Dancy, Fremont, Iyo, Honey and Ponkan?

a. Mango
b. Mandarin
c. Lemon
d. Lime

Ben - Cranberries are a source of vitamin C, E and K.What name comes before Lear to give the name of a well-known variety of cranberry?

a. Edward
b. Ben
c. Daniel
d. David

Durian - Many people find the aroma of the durian revolting.What fruit is often referred to as the "World's Smelliest Fruit"?

a. Lemon
b. Durian
c. Banana
d. Ugli Fruit

Potato - China leads the world in potato production.Washington, Victoria, Santa Rosa and Bokhara are varieties of which vegetable?

a. Parsnip
b. Carrot
c. Turnip
d. Potato

500 - Avocados are also known as alligator pears.Roughly, how many varieties of avocado are there?

a. 500
b. 50
c. 5
d. 5000

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