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Geography Trivia Questions XVI

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Kalahari Desert - However, the San have no collective word for all their tribes and many San prefer 'Bushmen' since San means 'outsider' in the language of their rivals, the Khoikhoi.The San used to be called the Bushmen. Where do they live?

       a. Australian Outback
       b. Great Rift Valley
       c. Kalahari Desert
       d. Amazon Jungle

LAX - He was re-elected four times. The international terminal at what airport is named for Tom Bradley, the city's first black mayor?

       a. JFK
       b. LAX
       c. O'Hare
       d. Logan

Genoa - Columbus was from Genoa.Also, the "capital" of the Italian Riviera, what capital of Leguria is now Italy's largest port?

       a. Genoa
       b. Venice
       c. Milan
       d. Naples

Minnesota - It's separated from the US by the Lake of the Woods and fixes a problem with the 1783 Treaty of Paris, which thought the Mississippi extended further north.The Northwest Angle is the only part of the Lower 48 north of the 49th parallel. What state is it in?

       a. Maine
       b. Washington
       c. Minnesota
       d. New York

Central Park in Manhattan - Other Olmstead projects include Montreal's Mount Royal Park, Brooklyn's Prospect Park and Chicago's Jackson Park, which was the site of the 1893 World's Fair. Frederick Law Olmstead's career in park design began with his work on what 843-acre expanse, whose real estate value today is a half trillion dollars?

       a. Central Park in Manhattan
       b. Mount Royal Park in Montreal
       c. Prospect Park in Brooklyn
       d. Jackson Park in Chicago

Italy - The countries are Switzerland and Vatican City.As of 2009, only two nations have square flags. What country borders both of them?

       a. Russia
       b. El Salvador
       c. Italy
       d. Niger

Borneo - Physically, they are an admixture of Chinese, Malay and Negrito peoples. The Iban, known as Sea Dayak, were infamous pirates.Formerly known for their headhunting, the Dayak are largely Hindu these days, and live on which island?

       a. Borneo
       b. Sri Lanka
       c. Madagascar
       d. Tahiti

Seattle, Washington - It was also the first world's fair to earn a profit in its first season. At which city's Century 21 world's fair in 1962 would you ride the monorail to the Space Needle?

       a. Montreal, Quebec
       b. Seattle, Washington
       c. Osaka, Japan
       d. Sydney, Australia

Tasmania - It was named by Matthew Flinders for his ship's doctor. The State of Victoria is on the other side.What "devilish" island is separated from Australia by the Bass Strait?

       a. New Guinea
       b. Borneo
       c. Tasmania
       d. New Zealand

Mali - It was one of the many destinations of Ibn Battuta, the Arab Marco Polo. Located on a key trade route, the Tuareg nomads founded the fabled city of Timbuktu in what present-day country?

       a. Iran
       b. Mali
       c. Yemen
       d. India

Wailing Wall - About a million notes a year are placed in the wall's cracks, which are later buried on the Mount of Olives.Devout visitors slip sheets of paper in the cracks of which famous structure?

       a. Taj Mahal
       b. Wailing Wall
       c. Blarney Castle
       d. Forbidden Palace

Scotland - The 40,000 basalt columns were actually created by lava flow.As the story goes, Finn MacCool built the Giant's Causeway, a set of rocky stepping stones made of basalt, off the North Antrim Coast of Ireland, so that he could walk to what country?

       a. Ulster
       b. Wales
       c. Scotland
       d. England

Hamburg - Europe's third busiest port, it is officially called the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and as such it is the second smallest of Germany's 16 states.What former member of the Hanseatic League is Germany's second largest city and its principal port?

       a. Cologne
       b. Hamburg
       c. Frankfurt
       d. Dresden

New Mexico - Found in the foothills of the Guadalupe Mountains, it is famous for its breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites, which lead one to imagine Chinese temples, heavy pillars and lacy icicles.Home to about a million Mexican free-tailed bats, Carlsbad Caverns is in what state?

       a. California
       b. Kentucky
       c. New Mexico
       d. Texas

Laplanders - The original occupants of the area, the Saami speak a language related to Finnish, and are called Finns in Norway.The Saami used to be known as something else, something they now consider derogatory. What would this be?

       a. Laplanders
       b. Eskimos
       c. Gypsies
       d. Hottentots

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