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Harry Potter Trivia Questions III

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making out - The term ''snog'' is found in the sixth book.What is snogging?

       a. hanging out
       b. making out
       c. going on a date
       d. taking a break

Ginny Weasley - Harry first had a crush on Cho Chang.Who was the last person that Harry went out with?

       a. Hermione Granger
       b. Ginny Weasley
       c. Cho Chang
       d. Luna Lovegood

Expecto Patronum - Veritaserum is a powerful truth serum.In the Defense Against the Dark Arts O.W.L.s, what spell does Harry do that nobody else does?

       a. Expelliarmus
       b. Veritaserum
       c. Expecto Patronum
       d. Impedimenta

They have healing powers. - Harry, Hermione, and Ron made Polyjuice Potion in their 2nd year.What are phoenix tears good for?

       a. A weak truth serum.
       b. They have healing powers.
       c. Making Polyjuice Potion.
       d. Regrowing bones.

Barty Crouch - Crouch was posing as Moody in the 4th book.Who put Harry's name in the Goblet of Fire?

       a. Rita Skeeter
       b. Barty Crouch
       c. Alastor Moody
       d. Albus Dumbledore

Dementors - Chocolate is an effective remedy when facing a dementor.What is Harry most afraid of?

       a. Professor Dumbledore
       b. Lord Voldemort
       c. Dementors
       d. Rita Skeeter

They share the tail feather of the same phoenix. - Ollivander sells wands in Diagon Alley.What does Harry's and Voldemort's wand have in common?

       a. They share the tail hair of the same unicorn.
       b. They are made of the same wood, maple.
       c. They share the tail feather of the same phoenix.
       d. They are made of the same wood, pine.

Hungarian Horntail - Hungarian Horntails are the most dangerous.What was the kind of dragon Harry face in the Triwizard Tournament

       a. Common Welsh Green
       b. Hungarian Horntail
       c. Swedish Short-Snout
       d. Chinese Fireball

A chicken egg hatched beneath a toad. - A basilisk can kill you with it's stare. It only works if you make direct eye contact with it, though.How is a basilisk born?

       a. An chicken egg hatched in a snake's mouth.
       b. A frog egg hatched beneath a chicken.
       c. A chicken egg hatched beneath a toad.
       d. An eagle egg hatched in a snake's mouth.

He made Quidditch team. - Harry's father, James, was a Quidditch star.What good thing happened to Harry that usually doesn't happen.

       a. He became prefect.
       b. He made Quidditch team.
       c. He became Quidditch captain.
       d. He got a sword.

A sword - The diary was a Horcrux of Tom Riddle.What did Harry pull out of the sorting hat?

       a. A diary
       b. A sword
       c. A cup
       d. A locket

A stone from the stomach of a goat. - Bezoars will protect from most poisons.What is a bezoar?

       a. A stone from the stomach of a goat.
       b. A stone from the stomach of a warewolf.
       c. A stone from the stomach of a unicorn.
       d. A stone from the stomach of a dragon.

Lord Voldemort - The scar was the result of a backfired killing curse.Who is associated with the pain in Harry's scar.

       a. James Potter
       b. Lily Potter
       c. Lord Voldemort
       d. Uncle Vernon

Avada Kedavra - The killing curse killed Harry's parents.What is the killing curse?

       a. Impedimenta
       b. Avada Kedavra
       c. Sectumsempra
       d. Crucio

Mr. Dursley - Professor McGonagall is the first wizard mentioned in the series.Who was the first person named in the Harry Potter series?

       a. Mr. Dursley
       b. Harry Potter
       c. Professor McGonagall
       d. Professor Dumbledore

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