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History Trivia Questions #35

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The Temple of Artemis - The fire is thought to have occurred due to an act of arson.Which of the Ancient Wonders was destroyed by a fire in about 356 BC?

a. The Temple of Artemis
b. Lighthouse of Alexandria
c. The Great Pyramid
d. Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The French Revolution - William Pitt the Younger was the Prime Minister of England for nineteen years.William Pitt the Younger was Prime Minister during which of these events?

a. The French Revolution
b. The Second World War
c. The Hundred Year War
d. The First World War

The Netherlands - This republic only lasted a few short years from 1795 to 1806.Which country was once referred to as the Batavian Republic?

a. Austria
b. Denmark
c. Sweden
d. The Netherlands

James Garfield - Charles attacked the President at the Washington Railway station in 1881.Whom did Charles Guiteau assassinate in 1881?

a. John F. Kennedy
b. Anwar Sadat
c. James Garfield
d. Louis Mountbatten

Libya - The capital of Libya is Tripoli.Fezzan, Cyrenaica and Tripolitania make up which modern country?

a. Angola
b. Argentina
c. Libya
d. Sudan

Ukraine - With Viktor Yushchenko winning the elections, the Orange Revolution ended on January 23rd, 2005.Taking place from late November 2004 to January 2005, the Orange Revolution occurred in which nation?

a. Spain
b. Ukraine
c. Peru
d. Hungry

Rawhide - His wife Nancy's codename was Rainbow.What was President Ronald Reagan's codename while in office?

a. First man
b. The eagle
c. Rawhide
d. Little boy

Pat Garrett  - Buried at the Old Fort Sumner Cemetery, Billy was 21 years of age when he died.Who shot and killed Billy the Kid on July 14th, 1881?

a. Wild Bill Hickok
b. Bat Masterson
c. Wyatt Earp
d. Pat Garrett

Anwar Sadat - Menachim Begin also won a Noble in 1978.Which of these people won a Noble Peace Prize in 1978?

a. Margret Thatcher
b. Jimmy Carter
c. Anwar Sadat
d. Pierre Trudeau

Anne Boleyn - Queen Elizabeth I's father was Henry the Eighth.Who was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I?

a. Mary I
b. Catherine of Aragon
c. Anne Boleyn
d. Catherine the Great

Julius Caesar - Commentarii de Bello Gallico was published around 58 BC.Who wrote a firsthand account of the Gallic Wars entitled "Commentarii de Bello Gallico"?

a. Edgar Allen Poe
b. Julius Caesar
c. Jules Verne
d. Mark Twain

Egyptians - The Egyptians were using 'sailboats' about three thousand years ago.Which ancient people were the first to use ships with sails?

a. Aztecs
b. Incans
c. Egyptians
d. Vikings

New Zealand - Women in New Zealand were given the vote in 1893.Which nation was the first to grant women the right to vote?

a. Great Britain
b. New Zealand
c. America
d. Canada

Germany - Wilhelm was the last Kaiser of Germany.In 1918, Wilhelm II abdicated from which country?

a. Cuba
b. Spain
c. Mexico
d. Germany

Sparta and Athens - The war occurred from 431 BC to 404 BC. Sparta was the victor.The Peloponnesian War was a battle between whom?

a. Sparta and Athens
b. China and Nepal
c. Argentina and Peru
d. Spain and Portugal

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