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Guinea pig - Guinea pigs were also used for medicinal purposes.Which household pet was frequently used in religious ceremonies?

a. Chameleon
b. Bearded dragon
c. Siberian hamster
d. Guinea pig

Hedgehog - A brush is often used to clean debris between the spines.Which household pet could you clean with a toothbrush?

a. Gerbil
b. Rabbit
c. Hedgehog
d. Ferret

500 Percent - Cats can also travel up to 30 mph over short distances.Most breeds of cats can jump up to what percentage of their height?

a. 1500 Percent
b. 1000 Percent
c. 100 Percent
d. 500 Percent

Budgie - Budgies are a small seed-eating parrot.What is another name for the parakeet?

a. Budgie
b. Lovebird
c. Dove
d. Canary

Cockatoo - A cockatiel will sell for about 80 dollars.Which of these birds sell for over $800 (2013)?

a. Cockatiel
b. Finch
c. Finch
d. Cockatoo

Hedgehog - There are seventeen different kinds of hedgehogs.Which of these household pets would enjoy meal worms?

a. Gerbil
b. Chinchilla
c. Hamster
d. Hedgehog

Chinchilla - Chinchillas live in colonies in the Andes Mountains.Which of these pets is native to the Andes Mountains?

a. Hamster
b. Chinchilla
c. Ferret
d. Gerbil

Hamster - Hamsters are omnivores.Which of these household pets is near sighted and colorblind?

a. Parakeet
b. Cat
c. Ferret
d. Hamster

Degu - Degus are sometimes called brush-tailed rats.Which of these pets comes from Central Chile?

a. Ferret
b. Hamster
c. Coral snake
d. Degu

Guinea pig - Guinea pigs are rodents, which belong to the family caviidae.Which household pet is sometimes called a cavy?

a. Spiny tailed mouse
b. Lop eared bunny
c. Red slider turtle
d. Guinea pig

Bearded dragon - Bearded dragons are a medium sized lizard.Which household pet varieties include the leatherback, citrus tiger and the German Giant?

a. Parakeet
b. Snake
c. Turtle
d. Bearded dragon

Siamese fighting fish - These fish can live in water, which is kept at room temperature.Which of these fish do not require a heater in their aquarium?

a. Cherry barb
b. Siamese fighting fish
c. Butterfly
d. Angel

Hedgehog - Hedgehogs like to have warm water. Which of these household pets often loves to swim?

a. Chinchilla
b. Hamster
c. Hedgehog
d. Mouse

Gerbil - These creatures were often referred to as desert rats.Which household pet was brought from China to Paris in the 19th century?

a. Degu
b. Gerbil
c. Coral snake
d. Ferret

Neon Tetra - These popular fish like to live in schools.Which fish was imported by Dr. George S. Myers in 1936?

a. Zebra pleco
b. Loach catfish
c. Neon Tetra
d. Red tailed shark

Herbivore - Iguanas are native to Central America and Mexico. Which of these terms best applies to the iguana?

a. Herbivore
b. Granivore
c. Carnivore
d. Omnivore

Chinchillas - Since it is dangerous to get a chinchilla wet, a dust bath is the other alternative.Which animal likes to take dust baths?

a. Chinchillas
b. Hamsters
c. Gerbils
d. Ferrets

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