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Intense study - It can also refer to a piece of over elaborate writing.From the Latin verb "lucubrare", meaning, "to work by lamplight", lucubration is typically used for what kind of work?

       a. Intense study
       b. Deep conversation
       c. Mechanical repair
       d. Yard work and formwork

A sales presentation - The term first appeared in the late-19th and early-20th centuries.The original dog-and-pony show was a circus act, which often was based on a "one-trick pony". What, typically, is a dog-and-pony show today?

       a. A comedy routine
       b. A fashion runway
       c. A sales presentation
       d. A TV pundit debate

Through my fault - The origin of the expression is from a prayer of confession used in Roman Catholic Church Masses. Used in Catholic confessions, what does "mea culpa" mean in Latin?

       a. Not in my right mind
       b. Through my fault
       c. Forgive me
       d. Caught in the act

He is scandalously villainous - Synonyms would be infamous, criminal or felonious.Many would disagree, but if you were to describe George W Bush as flagitious, what are you saying about him?

       a. He openly breaks the rules
       b. He beats himself up over his mistakes
       c. He is scandalously villainous
       d. He enjoys being whipped

Dancing - Terpsichore ruled over dance and the dramatic chorus. Terpsichore was one of the Muses, and today something terpsichorean refers to what artistic act?

       a. Dancing
       b. Sculpting
       c. Writing poetry
       d. Playing music

Liquor - Synonyms for vapid would be flat, tasteless or dull.Somebody empty-headed and dull might be vapid, but what did "vapid" refer to originally?

       a. Oceans
       b. Countryside
       c. Liquor
       d. Books

Prophetic - It can also refer to a sibylline book that has foolproof answers to questions.The adjective "mantic" comes from the Greek word "mantis", as in the praying mantis insect, and is used in the suffix "-mancy". What is something that is mantic?

       a. Tiny
       b. Prophetic
       c. Holy
       d. Creepy

Poking good-natured fun at it - From Old French railler, meaning to tease.If you are railing, you're attacking something with harsh language. If you are using raillery instead, what are you doing?

       a. Praising it excessively
       b. Poking good-natured fun at it
       c. Complimenting it in a backhanded way
       d. Comparing its pros and cons

Something that is a major turning point - The climacteric is a stage of fruit ripening associated with ethylene production.Climacteric can also refer specifically to menopause or to ripening fruit. What does the adjective mean generally?

       a. Something that tastes good
       b. Something religious
       c. Something that is a major turning point
       d. Something that is dangerous

A horse for riding or driving - The Hackney Horse is a recognized breed of horse that was developed in Great Britain.Something hackneyed is unoriginal. But what is a hackney?

       a. A taxi driver
       b. A game in which a bag is tossed with the feet
       c. A horse for riding or driving
       d. An unqualified journalist

Y - Depending on the word, Y represents either a vowel or a consonant in English.Rhythms is the longest word without any of the standard five vowels. What letter acts as a vowel in "rhythms"?

       a. H
       b. Y
       c. M
       d. T

Empty - Synonyms for vacare would be void, vacant or unoccupied.Evacuate, vacation, vacancy, vacuum and vacuous all come the Latin adjective "vacare". What does that adjective mean?

       a. Withdrawn
       b. Relaxed
       c. Empty
       d. Sleepy

To call - The Latin phrase 'vocare ad regnum' means 'call to the kingdom'.Provoke, evoke, revoke, equivocate, vociferous and vocation all comes the Latin verb "vocare". What does it mean?

       a. To think
       b. To debate
       c. To call
       d. To work

Pronoun - A pronoun is a word, or form, that substitutes for a noun or noun phrase.Nouns, verbs ... easy stuff. But which kind of word is "which"?

       a. Pronoun
       b. Article
       c. Adverb
       d. Conjunction

A genus known as goat grass - There are approximately 23 species and numerous sub species in the genus.The longest isogram in which all the letters are in alphabetical order is aegilops. What is an aegilops?

       a. A genus known as goat grass
       b. A lozenge-shaped shield
       c. A hair in the ear or nose
       d. A rhetorical device

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