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The study of mushrooms and fungus - Mycology is the study of mushrooms and fungus! Entomology is the study of insects and mythology is the study of Greek and Roman gods and goddesses.What is mycology?

a. The study of mushrooms and fungus
b. The Study of mammals
c. The study of gods and goddesses
d. The study of insects

Mushrooms do not have seeds - A mushroom's means of reproduction involve spores, not seeds! They also come in various colors including white, black, pink, brown, green, orange and even purple!What color are most mushroom seeds?

a. Brown
b. Orange
c. Black
d. Mushrooms do not have seeds

Truffles - Truffles are highly prized by chefs. Pigs and dogs are used to hunt for truffles, as they are underground and humans cannot smell them out like other animals!Which fungus is very valuable (for eating) and found UNDER ground.

a. Toe
b. Truffles
c. Chanterelles
d. Morels

Xylaria - Dead man's fingers are black, hard, growths that come out of the ground and really look like zombie fingers. They are frequently found with hard wood trees or stumps and they grow in groups! They are a member of the genus Xylaria.Which genus is "dead man's fungus" in?

a. Amanita
b. Deuteromycota
c. Xylaria
d. Basidiomycetes

Animals - Fungus is very close to an animal. One of the reasons it is so hard for a human to get rid of a fungal infection is because any medicines or creams that will kill fungus could also kill the human! That is why fungal ointments etc, do not always work as well as other medicines.Which of these is fungus the CLOSEST to?

a. Water
b. Plants
c. Insects
d. Animals

Chitin - Fungus cell walls are made of chitin! They lack chlorophyll, making them even less plant-like!What are fungi cell walls made of?

a. Plasma
b. Chitin
c. Rubber
d. Chlorophyll

They produce latex when gills are sliced - Lactarius is a genus of mushrooms that are also known as milky caps. They come in a variety of colors and latex is produced when the gills are freshly sliced! The latex is often peppery to the taste!How can you tell if a mushroom is a Lactarius?

a. It turns a brown red.
b. Instead of having spores, they drip
c. They produce latex when gills are sliced
d. They produce a dairy alternative

Coprinus - The shaggy mane is a mushroom that breaks down in less than one day after it is plucked from the grown. It produces black spores and it turns into an inky black mess!Which genus contains the famous Shaggy Mane Mushroom?

a. Boletus
b. Lactarius
c. Xylaria
d. Coprinus

Some glow in the dark - Omphalotus has some very unique mushrooms. The Jack O Lantern, in particular, is very special. It glows in the dark! It is a bright orange mushroom and it glows, hence the name Jack O lantern.What is special about some of the Omphalotus mushrooms?

a. Some glow in the dark
b. Most are bright blue
c. Most are edible
d. Medicinal properties

Amanita - Some particularly deadly ones are the 'Destroying Angel' and the 'Death Cap'. Many of them are entirely bright white (stipe, cap, gills) and many will kill you within 24 hours.Most, if not all, of this genus are very deadly if eaten.

a. Amanita
b. Coprinus
c. Agaricales
d. Boletus

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