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Gopher - Gophers are small burrowing rodents.Townsend's Pocket, Botta's Pocket and Knox Jone's Pocket are all type of what animal?

a. Snake
b. Gopher
c. Frog
d. Bird

Bat - This bat is also referred to as a free-tailed bat.What is a molossidae?

a. Rodent
b. Bird
c. Salamander
d. Bat

Buffalo - It is estimated that at one time there was more than 25 million buffalo roaming North America.What North American animal was once used to make bowstrings, shield covers, needles, beads and paint brushes?

a. Gophers
b. Snowshoe hare
c. Buffalo
d. Grizzly bear

Boreal forest - Moose prefer to live in boreal and deciduous forests. In North America, where might you see a moose?

a. Plains
b. Arctic
c. High mountain ranges
d. Boreal forest

Manatee - The manatee is an endangered species.Which of these creatures has no hind limbs?

a. Manatee
b. Elephant seal
c. Walrus
d. Seal

River rat - Originally, from South America, the river rat is a semi-aquatic rodent. Which of these creatures was introduced to North America?

a. Otter
b. Leopard frog
c. White tailed deer
d. River rat

Terns - The Caspian, Arctic and Black are also varieties of terns.Common, Franklin's and Bonaparte's are all kinds of what?

a. Cod
b. Ants
c. Terns
d. Snakes

Three feet - The Mississippi Kite is one of the smaller birds of prey.How large is the wing span of a Mississippi Kite?

a. 6 inches
b. Three feet
c. Two feet
d. 10 inches

Northern Fur Seal - Male Northern Fur Seals can weigh up to 270 kg.What is the largest member of the fur seal family?

a. Harbor Seal
b. Northern Fur Seal
c. Gray Seal
d. Harp Seal

Short-tailed Weasel - People often refer to these animals as ermines.What is another name for a stoat?

a. Prairie hen
b. Skunk
c. Short-tailed Weasel
d. Field mouse

Badger - The Spanish word for badger is tejon.Mexicans often call this animal a tlalcoyote. What is it?

a. Badger
b. Beaver
c. Cougar
d. Coyote

Weasel - The proper name for this family is mustelid.The fisher is part of which family?

a. Swallow
b. Rodent
c. Bear
d. Weasel

Raccoon - Some of these new inhabitants are the result of escapees.Which of these North American animals can now be found in the wild in Europe and Japan?

a. Moose
b. Raccoon
c. Otter
d. Snowy owl

Grizzly - The name came about because of the sheen of its fur.What type of bear is sometimes called "silvertip"?

a. Grizzly
b. Polar
c. Brown
d. Kodiak

Central Mexico - The kit fox can be found in central Mexico and in the Southwestern United States.If you wanted to see a wild kit fox, where would you go?

a. Newfoundland
b. Alaska
c. The East Coast
d. Central Mexico

Bobcat - The bobcat can be found from Mexico to Southern Canada.Which North American cat has a whiskered face, black tufted ears and a brown to gray coat?

a. Puma
b. Ocelot
c. Bobcat
d. Cougar

Jaguar - Jaguars can be found in the Southern United States and Mexico.What is the third largest of the big cats?

a. Bobcat
b. Cougar
c. Lynx
d. Jaguar

Texas - The ghost-faced bat can also be found in Mexico, Trinidad, Tobago and Peru.Which is the only State in the US that is home to the ghost-faced bat?

a. Texas
b. Florida
c. Alaska
d. Hawaii

Marsh Shrew - The Marsh Shrew is also called the Pacific Western Shrew.What is the largest member of the genus sorex of North America (shrew)?

a. New Mexico Shrew
b. Vagrant Shrew
c. Marsh Shrew
d. Fog Shrew

Palmer's Chipmunk - These small rodents are only found in the Spring Mountains.Which of these chipmunks is currently on the endangered list?

a. Gray-footed Chipmunk
b. Yellow-cheeked Chipmunk
c. Hopi Chipmunk
d. Palmer's Chipmunk

Ocelot - The ocelot is native to Central and South America. However, there have been sightings of this cat in Southern Arizona.If you are very lucky, which of these animals might you see in Southern Arizona?

a. Ocelot
b. Tiger
c. Snowy owl
d. Otter

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