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Paranormal Trivia Quiz II

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4 - These suits are often called swords, cups, staves and pentacles.How many suits are in a tarot deck?

a. 2
b. 10
c. 4
d. 6

Searching for water and hidden objects - Dowsers often use a What is the general purpose of dowsing?

a. Talking to ghosts
b. Exercising ghosts
c. Spell casting
d. Searching for water and hidden objects

Canada - One theory states that the entrance to Hollow Earth is located in Antarctica.Where is the "Hollow Earth Research Society" located?

a. China
b. Canada
c. Sweden
d. Denmark

UFO - In 1965, a UFO was sighted by thousands across six states and in Canada. Residents of Kecksburg claimed that the object crashed near their town.What paranormal event is Kecksburg famous for?

a. Bigfoot
b. The White Witch
c. UFO
d. Mothman

They are always seen in pairs - White ladies have been the subject of a number of famous paranormal photographs.According to paranormal researchers, which of these statements is NOT true about white lady ghosts?

a. They are seen all over the world
b. Often found at the sight of a tragedy
c. They are often thought to be harbingers
d. They are always seen in pairs

1946 - German newspapers reported another crash landing near the town in 1952 as well.In which of these years did a UFO allegedly crash in Spitsbergen, Norway?

a. 1911
b. 1890
c. 1921
d. 1946

Two formations of red-orange objects - This sighting occurred in February 2009. More of these objects were seen in March 2009.What was seen in the sky travelling between Middleburg and Witbank in 2009?

a. Four green ovals
b. Seven black and red ships flying in a diamond formation
c. Two formations of red-orange objects
d. One silver saucer

Elizabeth Klarer - The book is about Elizabeth's alleged alien abduction.Who was the author of the book "Beyond the Light"?

a. Ronald Sprinkle
b. Antonio Boas
c. Harold T Wilkins
d. Elizabeth Klarer

New Hampshire - This alleged incident happened in 1961.Betty and Barney Hill were an American couple who claimed they were abducted by aliens. Where did they claim they were when the incident occurred?

a. South Dakota
b. Delaware
c. Michigan
d. New Hampshire

Congo River - The creature has been the subject of a number of books and movies. However, no one has ever been able to get a picture of the animal.Where would you have to go to see Mokele-Mbembe?

a. India
b. Congo River
c. Peru
d. The Alps

Aliens - Declared to be completely bogus by the FBI, these documents are also sometimes referred to as the Majestic 12 documents.The top-secret MJ-12 Documents contain information about what paranormal topic?

a. Aliens
b. Ghosts
c. Sea Monsters
d. The Bermuda Triangle

The Jersey Devil - This creature is said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.Which paranormal creature is described as being a biped with wings that emits a blood-curdling scream?

a. The Jersey Devil
b. Mokele
c. Ogo Pogo
d. Nessie

Rabbits - After an intense investigation, Mary eventually confessed to being a fraud.In the 1700s, what did doctors believe Mary Toft had birthed?

a. A child with hooves
b. A winged child
c. Rabbits
d. A mermaid

Norway - Selma is said to live in Lake Seljordsvatnet.Where does the lake monster Selma live?

a. Brazil
b. Kenya
c. Canada
d. Norway

Bed - He bought the bed for his son.What object did Al Cobb believe was the source of the paranormal happenings in his house?

a. Bed
b. Dresser
c. Trunk
d. Desk

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