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George Cayley - It was, though, unpiloted.In 1804, what "father of aerodynamics" is credited with building the first successful glider?

       a. George Cayley
       b. Orville Wright
       c. Leonardo da Vinci
       d. Thomas Edison

To get off the ground - Faster moving fluids (such as air) have lower pressure. The wing is shaped to move air faster over it than under it, so the wing moves up to the lower-pressure zone. By angling the wings, you can push more air underneath downward, which produces the How does a plane use Bernoulli's principle?

       a. To fly in darkness
       b. To maximize revenue per seat
       c. To get off the ground
       d. To land safely

The plane banks - You use the ailerons to bank and turn by trading lift on one wing for drag on the other.A plane's ailerons trade lift on one wing for drag on the other. What happens then?

       a. The plane reverses
       b. The plane banks
       c. The plane takes off
       d. The plane descends

London, England - He likely made the trip, even though he was denied permission to fly for safety reasonsIn 1938, Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan blamed dense clouds and compass failure when his flight from New York failed to land in California. Where did he land instead?

       a. Tokyo, Japan
       b. London, England
       c. Toronto, Ontario
       d. Havana, Cuba

O'Hare - It was renamed for Lieutenant Edward ‘Butch’ O'Hare, a decorated navy flyer killed in action when he was 29 years old. His father, though, was Easy Eddie O'Hare, one of Al Capone's attorneys.What airport is abbreviated ORD because it was once known as Orchard Field?

       a. LAX
       b. O'Hare
       c. Heathrow
       d. JFK

Fly solo around the world - Post also used the Winnie Mae to set a world record for flying around the world, in 1931, along with Australian-American navigator Harold Charles GattyIn a Lockheed Vega named Winnie Mae, what was Wiley Post the first person to do in 1933?

       a. Bail out of an airplane
       b. Fly a jet airplane successfully
       c. Fly solo around the world
       d. Fly over the North Pole

France - SPAD is short for (Societe pour l'Aviation et ses Derives.During World War I, which country's pilots would you most likely have found in a SPAD?

       a. Italy
       b. France
       c. Germany
       d. Japan

Helicopter - When the blades of the main rotor rotate, they create airflow over them, resulting in lift. This also produces torque, or rotational force, which is countered by additional rotors, usually in the tail. This keeps the fuselage from spinning around the main rotor, rather than the other way around.Most aircraft are classified as fixed wing. But which of these would be rotary wing?

       a. Helicopter
       b. Jet
       c. Airship
       d. VTOL

Dirigibles are rigid - The non-rigid kinds you see today are blimps.What is the difference between a dirigible and a blimp?

       a. Dirigibles use helium
       b. Dirigibles are rigid
       c. Dirigibles are much, much smaller
       d. Dirigibles are British

Yaw - The fourth force is weight. Yaw is actually the use of the rudder to move the nose left or right.Which of these is not one of the four primary forces acting on an airplane?

       a. Lift
       b. Drag
       c. Yaw
       d. Thrust

Charles De Gaulle - Paris is also served by Orly.For what leader is a major Paris airport named?

       a. Napoleon
       b. Charles De Gaulle
       c. Charlemagne
       d. Robespierre

Douglas Commercial - The Douglas Aircraft Company's DC-1 got rid of interior metal-spar skeletonsWhat did the "DC" stand for in the names of such planes as the DC-3?

       a. District of Columbia
       b. Direct Continental
       c. Douglas Commercial
       d. Don't Crash

Europe - In fact, his 14-bis may have beaten the Wright brothers. Their fixed-wing plane needed to be catapulted since it used skids instead of wheels. Therefore, it technically wasn't taking off on its own power.Although Alberto Santos-Dumont was from a family of Brazilian coffee barons, he was the first person to fly in what continent, doing so in 1906?

       a. Europe
       b. Asia
       c. North America
       d. Australia

First person to die in a plane crash - He was Orville Wright's passenger on September 17, 1908, when the propeller fell off four minutes in.Thomas Selfridge holds what unfortunate aviation distinction?

       a. First person to be bumped from a flight
       b. First person to get airsick
       c. First person to die in a plane crash
       d. First pilot shot down in war

Canada - Ottawa, for example, is YUL.Most airports have three-letter abbreviations. In what country do almost all of these abbreviations begin with the letter Y?

       a. Canada
       b. Yugoslavia
       c. Japan
       d. Great Britain

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